Teaching Kids to #ShareAwesome Online and Stay Safe

My oldest baby is growing up so fast. Just the other day she watched my toddler for 30 minutes so I could take a nap after a sleepless night. She's also starting to read on her own and is really enjoying it. This means she is also starting to make her own decisions and spending more time on the computer. Just the other day she came home from school and did a school homework test online. She got out my laptop, typed in the URL of her teacher's blog, found the link to the test and then logged … [Read More...]


Easy Apple Cinnamon Crisp

  10 Days of Healthier Thanksgiving Recipes - Day #3 Once the weather starts to cool down, you can’t go wrong with apple desserts. Whether you are cooking for the holidays, or just making a … [Read More...]


Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Quinoa Nutrition Facts What Is It? A quick search on the internet reveals several facts of this grain crop which is grown primarily for its edible seeds. Simply put, Quinoa, a species of … [Read More...]


Helping Kids Heal with Philanthropy

My mother passed away from a Grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor on October 26, 2014. I was holding her and kissing her and telling her it was ok when she passed. My sister-in-law was there … [Read More...]

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How to Manage Bedwetting When You Just Want to Sleep

Sometimes I feel like we’ve been potty training my middle child for years. He is our most stubborn child, but also the most pensive and empathetic. He is finally able to go during the day without diapers, which is such an amazing thing. For a kid who doesn’t want to be bothered to interrupt his […]

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How Does Solar Energy Work and How Can I Use it?

How Does Solar Energy Work? What do you know about solar power? If you are like me, it sounds cool but seems like a pretty unrealistic thing to add to your home. I drive past a home with solar power every time I visit my parents and I wonder how great it would be to […]

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On the Go with Jif Snacks

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. On the Go with Jif Snacks It’s hard to believe that I have arrived at that part of life of school, activities and birthday […]

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