What Are Essential Oils?

What are Essential Oils? Maybe you have heard the term essential oils but didn't know what it meant. Perhaps you had a vague idea that it was connected in some way with aromatherapy, but didn't know how. Now is as good a time as any to learn what essential oils are. Essential oils are made from different parts of plants. They can be made from leaves, like peppermint oil. They can be made from petals, like rose oil. Some are made from bark or wood, like sandalwood. Others are made from … [Read More...]


Detox Your Home with Essential Oils

Detox Your Home with Essential Oils Facebook Party Come hang out with us on Facebook and learn how to detox your home naturally with essential oils. There are more chemicals in your house than … [Read More...]


Luxe Baby Shower Giveaway Event

Are you expecting a baby or already holding your little new arrival? You are going to love this amazing event in partnership with six luxurious baby brands! We are excited to share it with you and to … [Read More...]

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Health Benefits of Cooking with Coconut Oil

Health Benefits of Cooking with Coconut Oil Over the past few decades, coconut oil received flak because of the demonization of saturated fat. This was mostly because saturated fat was thought to be connected with an increased rate of heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and obesity. However, research conducted recently has shown that different types of saturated […]

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How Does Solar Energy Work and How Can I Use it?

How Does Solar Energy Work? What do you know about solar power? If you are like me, it sounds cool but seems like a pretty unrealistic thing to add to your home. I drive past a home with solar power every time I visit my parents and I wonder how great it would be to […]

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On the Go with Jif Snacks

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. On the Go with Jif Snacks It’s hard to believe that I have arrived at that part of life of school, activities and birthday […]

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