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Living Simple. Naturally. Weekly Roundup and Linky 1-24-15

Weekly Roundup and Linky 1-24-15 I hope you guys are having a good day today! It’s snowing up here in New England and it’s glorious. We are finally getting a good snowstorm, the kind of snow that comes down in huge pancake-sized flakes and sticks to everything. It’s the perfect winter wonderland snowman-making snow that […]


Homemade Winter Garden and Bird Feeder Ideas

Homemade Winter Garden and Bird Feeder Ideas How does your winter garden grow? Did you know it is possible to grow vegetables in the winter? There are also lots of homemade bird feeder ideas to keep your winter garden alive with activity and keep it from succumbing to the winter blues. I find having birds […]


The Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress When Grieving

Natural Remedies for Anxiety that Actually Work Losing a loved one is the worst kind of pain anyone ever endures. Grief is never-ending and sometimes it just consumes you. When my mom was sick last summer and passed away before my eyes from a brain tumor I felt an emptiness that can never be filled […]


DIY Crafts Used to Scare Me But This is What Helped

Do you ever sit in your home when you have company over and see your home the way they do? Do you see the empty walls, devoid of any family photos or evidence of human existence? Do you see the outdated fireplace or fixtures and wonder why you never update the house so it’s a […]


Quick and Easy Gourmet Appetizer Recipes on a Budget

Making Gourmet Appetizers on a Budget Throwing a party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be expensive. If you’re considering having a party sometime soon, you may be trying to think of ways to save money. Consider making gourmet appetizers on a budget to help keep your food budget down. Stuffed […]


20 Awesome Quick and Healthy Meals for Busy Families

  I’ve collected 20 really great quick and healthy meals here in the collection on as seen below. Make sure to check it out and leave comments. You can also collect these recipes for your own account to save them for later! Check out Quick Healthy Meals for the Busy Family by Five Spot […]

Natural Living Weekly Roundup and Linky 1-17-15

Living Simple. Naturally. Weekly Roundup and Linky 1-17-15

Weekly Roundup and Linky 1-17-15 Lately I feel like I spend all of my time in the library. It’s a good thing, though. I went for so many months while my mom was sick with a brain tumor last fall and after she passed not doing much of any work. I just couldn’t. But now […]

Make Ahead Easy Appetizers

Easy Appetizers: Make Them Ahead and Relax on Game Day!

Make Ahead Easy Appetizers Whether it’s game day, holiday parties or family gatherings its best to try to prepare food in advance. If you are hosting a party, making food ahead of the event allows you to be more relaxed and enjoy yourself. Consider some of these ideas for easy appetizers the next time you […]


Netflix Streaming Giveaway

Hosted By: Life of a Southern Mom Sponsored By: Netflix It’s a New Year! What better way to spend your evenings than having a movie night in the comfort of your home? Netflix is the world’s leading internet network with over millions of members in more than 40 countries. Netflix members can watch their favorite […]