10 Amazing Tea Tree Essential Oil Uses

You have probably already heard that tea tree oil is good for you. Maybe you’ve even used it before or used products that had tea tree oil in them. Many hygiene and beauty products have it in it today because there are so many tea tree uses for home and body.

Is tea tree oil good? There are so many tea tree essential oil uses and ways it can help.

This is one of the most extensively research essential oil and it has many healing properties. While it’s not a miracle cure-all, it has been known to help ease the symptoms of many common conditions.


Tea tree oils makes a very good home remedy for acne. It’s very effective and found in many skin care products today. In fact, some studies found it to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide.

Soften the cuticles

If you want to prep for a great manicure, then tea tree oil might be just the trick. It’s a great way to help soften the cuticles.

Remove makeup

You can also use tea tree oil to help remove makeup. If your skin is too sensitive to applying it directly, you will want to mix it with another oil like canola before using it to remove makeup.

Treat yeast infection

Help Foot Odor Tea Tree Essential Oil - FiveSpotGreenLiving.comStudies have found that tea tree oil breaks down the membranes of yeast cells. Lavender also kills candida so if you use them both, it’s a great remedy for yeast infection.

Helps foot odor

Got stinky feet? Try some tea tree oil to help prevent and clear foot odor.

Soothe painful sores

Cuts and sores can find relief with tea tree oil as well. You can also use it for cold sores but avoid getting it directly in the mouth, or swallowing any of it.

Relieve psoriasis

Tea tree oil diluted with olive oil can really help when rubbed directly into your dry patches of psoriasis.

Homemade Bug Balm with Tea Tree Oil

Deter bugs and head lice

Head lice can be extremely difficult to get rid of but these little bugs don’t like tea tree oil. Neither do common pests during the summertime. Try this Homemade Bug Balm made with tea tree oil.

As a natural deodorant

You can even keep the underarm odor away with tea tree oil. It makes a great natural deodorant.

As a household cleaner

Another DIY natural household cleanser is tea tree oil and it can be used on pretty much anything. It also leaves a great fresh scent after you use it.

Now that you have these 10 ways to use tea tree oil, you are ready to give it a try. There are many other things that other people have found tea tree oil to be helpful with, aside from just the things on this list. You might decide you like it enough to want to explore this further to see all the ways that you can use tea tree oil in your life.

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Soothing and Exfoliating Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

10 Amazing Tea Tree Essential Oil Uses - FiveSpotGreenLiving.com

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