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David Kessler is a renowned grief expert who has written several books on the process of coping with loss. His words can help to provide solace and comfort, as well as offer powerful insights into the nature of grief and how best to heal from it. In this blog post, we will explore some David Kessler Quotes on the topic of grief and loss. By understanding his words and how they apply to our own experiences, we can use them as a source of strength when facing difficult times. Let’s take a look at some of David Kessler’s quotes on grief and healing.

Grief Quotes can offer much-needed perspective and comfort during difficult times. They capture emotions that are of course hard to put into words and remind us that we are not alone in our sadness. Everyone grieves differently and these quotes often help us to understand and process our pain better, while providing comfort and hope for the future. Why not try making your own list of quotes which you can reflect on whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed? It’s sure to help make things a little bit easier.

david kessler quotes

Who is David Kessler?

David Kessler is one of the most respected names in the world of psychology. He is a leader in the field of grief and loss, known for studying and analyzing the life cycle of emotions. He was trained as a therapist and has studied under some of the most influential thinkers in psychology including Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Carl Jung and Derrick deKoven.

Along with his extensive list of impressive credentials, he also has an abundance of published works on grief and dying, emotions and relationships, child development, psychotherapy and end-of-life counseling. His flagship work entitled On Grief & Grieving is considered a modern classic when it comes to understanding human emotion during bereavement.

With such prestigious titles in his repertoire, it is no surprise that David Kessler is considered an expert authority figure in psychological discourse.

Grief is an isolating experience even in a normal world.


David Kessler Quotes

1 If I had my life to live over again, I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer.

If I had my life to live over again

2. After all my years working with the dying and the grieving, I have found that in this lifetime, the ultimate meaning we find is in everyone we have loved. Your loved one’s story is over. For unknown reasons, their time on earth has drawn to a close, but yours continues. I can only invite you to be curious about the rest of the story of your life.

After all my years working with the dying

3. Healing doesn’t mean the loss didn’t happen. It means that it no longer controls us.

healing doesn't mean the loss didnt happen

4. Death ends a life, but not our relationship, our love, or our hope.

Death ends a life

5. Life gives us pain. Our job is to experience it when it gets handed to us. Avoidance of loss has a cost.

6. You have to cry your own tears because no one can do it for you.

7. People often say, “I don’t know how you’re doing it.” I tell them that I’m not. I’m not deciding to wake up in the morning. I just do. Then I put one foot in front of the other because there’s nothing else to do. Whether I like it or not, my life is continuing, and I have decided to be part of it.

8. The grief doesn’t end, because the love doesn’t end.

grief doesn't end

9. Your loss is not a test, a lesson, something to handle, a gift, or a blessing. Loss is simply what happens to you in life. Meaning is what you make happen.

10. Each person’s grief is as unique as their fingerprint. But what everyone has in common is that no matter how they grieve, they share a need for their grief to be witnessed. That doesn’t mean needing someone to try to lessen it or reframe it for them. The need is for someone to be fully present to the magnitude of their loss without trying to point out the silver lining.

Each persons grief is as unique as their own fingerprint

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