Vegan Healthy Appetizer Ideas

Eating a vegan diet when you are at home and just preparing your own meals is easy, but when it comes to entertaining, it gets a little more complicated. If you want to host or attend a party and provide vegan healthy appetizers, the following options are great. They not only let you keep eating a vegan diet, but others won’t even know they are missing the dairy and meat! Healthy Appetizers can be super delicious and they need not fill you up before the main meal.

10 Delicious Vegan Healthy Appetizer Ideas for your next party

Vegan Healthy Appetizer Ideas

It’s hard following a certain diet when you are out at a gathering. Sure, there might be veggies, but there’s usually a dairy-based dip on the side, or it’s in a coating made with eggs. Here are some amazing vegan healthy appetizers to share at your next party!

10 Delicious Vegan Healthy Appetizer Ideas

1. Swap the mozzarella cheese in these Italian Roasted Potato Skins for vegan cheese. You can’t go wrong with toasted potato skins for any get-together!

Vegan Italian Roasted Potato Skins Appetizer

2. This Gnocchi with Pomodoro Sauce dish would make a perfect vegan healthy appetizer! It’s actually gnocchi pasta with a homemade tomato-based sauce that can be eaten using toothpicks or forks.

Gnocchi with Pomodoro Sauce Appetizer

3. The Tangy Vegan Meatballs sauce is made with just three ingredients – cider vinegar, spicy brown mustard and molasses. The molasses adds just the right amount of sweetness and depth of flavor rather than taking over the sauce like honey or sugar might.

Tangy Vegan Meatballs Appetizer

4. For this Spicy Corn Relish, you want to mince the onion and jalapeno very fine and do a small dice on the red pepper. You want these flavors to meld and be one, letting the veggies be the texture, but the combination of all of them to be the flavor.

Spicy Corn Relish Appetizer

5. This Roasted Eggplant with Tahini is easy to prepare and full of soft, comforting deliciousness. It makes a great appetizer or serve it as part of a mezze meal.

Roasted Eggplant with Tahini Appetizer

6. Perfect, Crispy Kale Chips ready in just 35 minutes! These potato chip alternatives are so easy to make and are impossible to stop eating.

Crispy Kale Chips Appetizer

7. This Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip is one of those appetizers where people are going to be asking for the recipe and they are going to be asking how much cheese is in this thing. It’s so darn cheesy and creamy they will never, in a million years, believe that it’s not real cheese.

Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip Appetizer

8. The eggplant in this Eggplant Spinach and White Bean Dip can be cooked in advance and chilled, then the spinach and garlic quickly cooked and everything else added as you need it. Once made you can keep in the fridge for a day or two ahead of time!

Eggplant Spinach and White Bean Dip Appetizer

9. For this Easy Veggie Bean Dip recipe you can use those cute mini sweet bell peppers to make it colorful. Fresh leftover corn and the combination of black beans and chick peas gives this dip it’s oomph. While the recipe calls for ranch dressing, you can create your own using oil and vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic.

Easy Veggie Bean Dip Appetizer

10. This Spicy Southwestern Bean Dip may be easy but it sure looks delicious! It has a wonderful combination of flavors and is perfect for eating with tortilla chips, pita chips or crackers!

Spicy Southwestern Bean Dip Appetizer

10 Delicious Vegan Healthy Appetizer Ideas

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