10 Homemade Cleaning Products You Should Always Make at Home

It may be easier to use common commercial cleaners but they are loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier. Try these EASY 10 Homemade Cleaning Products that only include a few household ingredients.

10 Homemade Cleaning Products You Should Always Make at Home

Homemade Cleaning Products

I know, I know, it’s not always feasible to make EVERYthing at home! Believe me, I know. But if you make one or two things each week and make a large batch, you will have enough to last for awhile. Honestly, I find it a bit of a pain to make this stuff (Yes, you heard me!) but I do it because I feel so much better using natural products and food instead of things with weird ingredients.

All Purpose Cleaner

I love my all purpose cleaner. I use tea tree oil in mine because it kills many bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact, including MRSA. You can add other oils like peppermint, orange or lavender in with it as well.

All Purpose Cleaner
2 cups water
2 tbsp natural dish soap
20-30 drops tea tree oil

  • Potpourri – It’s not exactly a cleaning product but we all need some good-smelling potpourri, right? So throw out those awful plugins and chemical sprays. You can use scraps from fruit and a few spice staples for an easy batch of potpourri and have your house smelling unbelievable.

    See the recipe here

  • Coffee Machine Descaler – No need to buy pricey descaling options at the store! Household ingredients work great.

    See the recipe here

  • My sister-in-law made these dryer balls for me and they are awesome!
  • Dryer Balls – Get rid of those toxic dryer sheets and fabric softener! I received some homemade dryer balls as a gift a few years ago and I’ve never looked back!

    See the recipe here

  • Deodorizer Disks – These things are great for diaper pails or garbage cans.

    See the recipe here

  • Air Freshener – Who doesn’t have a need for air freshener every now and then? But if I told you what is actually in those aerosol cans and how they affect a person, you would probably run for the hills. Better take my word for it and make your own.

    See the recipe here

  • Swiffer or Mop Pads – I use a Libman Freedom Spray Mop
    where you can easily add your own cleaning mixture. I usually use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray on my wood floors, because it’s awesome and works the best. It’s eco-friendly and cleans and shines the floor without leaving any residue or streaks. Sometimes I use hot water, dish soap and tea tree oil. But having clean reusable pads are a must!

    See the recipe here

  • Floor Cleaner – Get your floors sparkling clean with this homemade solution and stop worrying about little hands on the chemicals you used in your store-bought cleaner.

    See the recipe here

  • Glass Cleaner – Really, how often do you find yourself buying glass cleaner in the store? You can get those windows just as clean with ordinary household staples.

    See the recipe here

  • Where to Buy Stuff to Make Cleaners at Home

    You can get your spray bottles, jars and microfiber cloth all here at Amazon.

    You can also buy your ingredients and Avery Printing Labels.

    How Do You Label Your Homemade Products?

    Make sure you download the free cleaning labels by clicking on the image below! Each label includes the name of cleaner PLUS the recipe to make your life easier. This set of labels ALSO includes two bonus labels and recipes!

    Green Cleaning Printable Labels

    Click image to get the labels!

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    1. I know you state using Ivory when making your laundry soap but I’m curious as to why if you are considered green living you’d even mention Fels Naptha which is loaded with chemicals, harsh on clothes and the skin. I’ve been making my own for about five years now and use to use Kirk’s Castile soap until Zote became available locally but shortly afterwards I found out I could have ordered it from Lowe’s online and had it delivered to my local Lowe’s without having to pay shipping cost since I would have been ordering a case. Zote is an all natural beef tallow soap that not only smell wonderful unlike Fels Naptha but it works great at cleaning your laundry. Just a thought. Thanks nonrtheless for the many wonderful tips.

      1. Tina thanks so much for your feedback! I will have to check out that soap. I do like castile liquid soap but didn’t realize there were solid bars. I have to update this post as it was one of the first I did of homemade things and I didn’t know of anything besides Fels Naptha.

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