10 Healthy Light Summer Meals

Looking for some easy and Light Summer Meals that are still healthy and won't heat up the kitchen? Check out this list of healthy recipes to try this summer.

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Easy and Light Summer Meals

When summer rolls around and the kids get out of school, who wants to cook? It's hot and you just want to relax when you are at home. Well, we are not big grillers in this household so I like to make lots of easy and light summer meals and have lots of salad nights. Mix and match salads and easy to throw together earlier in the day recipes that stay well for leftovers or picnics! You know I love my beans, especially as a halfway vegetarian I fill my diet with beans to manage my hypoglycemia.

Here are some easy light summer meals that are quick to throw together and won't heat up your kitchen!

This Super Quick and Delicious Vegan Black Bean Salad is filling and SO healthy.
vegan black bean salad recipe

Grilled Mojito BBQ Chicken Tenders are really quick to throw together and make such a flavorful meal.
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This quick and easy 20-minute Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe will have you in and out of the kitchen in no time flat!
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Easy Summer Quinoa is a fresh and fast quinoa recipe using tasty in-season ingredients!
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This Spiced Summer Squash Salad features yellow squash roasted with a spice mixture and tossed with feta and chickpeas.
soiced squash salad

Kale Orzo and Feta Summer Side Salad would make a great side dish to a grilled chicken breast!
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Full of fresh, Italian flavors, this Instant Pot Caprese Chicken is comfort food you won’t feel guilty eating.
IP Caprese Chicken V1

These Easy Chicken Wraps literally take only a short amount of time and energy to put together!
Super Easy Chicken Wraps

Southwest Chicken Quinoa Bowl is a one pan recipe, it’s full of nutrient-rich ingredients, and it’s super easy to make!

Moroccan White Beans {Loubia} is perfect with crusty bread.
blog moroccan white beans loubia

30 Healthy Appetizers for Summer BBQs and July 4th
30 Healthy Appetizers for Summer BBQs and July 4th

Vegetarian Summer Picnic Ideas
Vegetarian Summer Picnic Ideas

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