15 Healthy Valentine Snacks for Kids

While candy does make an excellent addition to a fun Valentine’s Day card, there are so many other healthy Valentine snacks for kids that are just as fun but without all the sugar!

valentines day healthy snacks

Who says that healthy and Valentine’s Day don’t mix? When it comes to Valentine’s Day we tend to get a little hung up on the candy part of this holiday. Candy isn’t the only fun treat your kids can enjoy on Valentine’s Day!

You don’t have to give up any of the fun in order to have a healthy snack that is also perfect for Valentine’s Day. Here are 15 healthy Valentine snacks for kids.

Healthy Valentine’s Snack
These Valentines Day healthy snacks would be great for kids to make during a class Valentine’s day party, or you can prepare them ahead of time for any Valentine’s day gathering.

Valentine’s Yogurt Bark
These Valentine's treats look creative, fun, and cute with fruit and nondairy yogurt.

Heart Apples
This Valentine’s themed food heart apple tutorial is super fun! Food doesn’t come much easier than this, and it’s a great way to entice kids to eat more fruit!

Better for You Chocolate Valentine Cookies

Better for You Chocolate Valentine Cookies
Here are some gluten-free Valentine cookies made with almond butter and coconut sugar! If you must, you can skip the chocolate kiss, but why?

Valentine’s Snack
Need a little something to balance out the sugar this Valentines Day? You’ll love this healthy valentine snack! It’s perfect for class parties, or just enjoying at home.

Fruit Heart
Try this beautiful fruit platter that looks like a heart for Valentine’s Day! "Heart healthy" is what love is about.

love bug valentine cup

Love Bug Snack Cup
Here's a cute non-candy Valentine’s Day for giveaways at parties. These Love Bug Fruit Cups have cute written all over them!

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat
Try these heart-shaped cucumber & cream cheese goodies. What a fun way to have some Valentine’s Day treats!

Apple Heart Flowers
Here are some super cute and easy Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats – fun "apple flowers". What a great little gift to make for friends at school!

Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs
Surprise your little Valentines with these Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs for breakfast or an after school treat!

Valentine’s Day Trail Mix
If you are looking for a treat that is a little more healthy, this Valentines Day Trail Mix Recipe is just the thing.

Fruit Love Bugs

Granola Yogurt Heart
Here is a yummy Granola Frozen Yogurt Recipe in the shape of hearts! Pretty to look at and yummy too! A great way to share the love with a healthy frozen treat.

Graham Cracker Smile
Here are some Easy Valentine Snacks and this graham cracker smile treat is a great afternoon snack for kids of all ages! Plus they can help make them too!

Strawberry Ladybugs
How to make chocolate & strawberry ladybugs, a fun healthy snack that’s sure to get kids eating more fruit!

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    Thanks for these healthy alternatives! I'm usually one who is all about the chocolate so this stretches me. 🙂