Mediterranean Chickpea Burger and Farro Salad

My niece came to stay with me this summer for the first time ever. I can remember visiting my aunt in the summer when I was young and I loved it. I was a bit nervous about showing my almost 11-year-old niece a good time, but I think the visit was successful since she asked to come back again next year!

While she was here, I wanted to keep them busy and not spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, so I had to come up with some rather quick but still healthy dinner ideas. One of my favorite vegetarian staples is chickpeas. Anything with chickpeas - hummus, falafel, veggie burgers, etc. But all of those things are time-consuming and when you have four hungry kids in the summertime you need something fast. That's why I was so excited to try MorningStar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea Garden Burgers.

15 Minute Meal Idea: Mediterranean Chickpea Burger and Farro Salad

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A totally refreshing veggie burger, made with chickpeas, spinach, Roma tomatoes, and traditional Greek herbs and spices.

*MorningStar Farms® Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers have 70% less fat than ground beef. Regular ground beef contains 15g total fat per serving (67g); MorningStar Farms® Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers contain 4.5g total fat per serving (67g).

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I created a really simple but delicious meal using the Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers from MorningStar Farms and my niece who normally would not eat something so "veggie" loved it! I think my kids and my niece loved it because it was a delicious meal that also allowed me to stay outside playing with them longer.

15 Minute Meal Idea: Mediterranean Chickpea Burger and Farro Salad

15 Minute Meal Idea

First I sautéed the burgers in a bit of olive oil - it only takes 7 minutes total to cook these babies up! I had some really yummy potato buns and layered some baby spinach on the bottom. Then I lay down the burger on top of that and added a piece of cheese, some homemade ranch dressing and a few red onions.

On the side I had some farro salad with broccoli, corn and tomatoes and veggie chips that I am now addicted to - see the post here on instagram!

15 Minute Meal Idea: Mediterranean Chickpea Burger and Farro Salad

So it was a very veggie dinner, but it only took 15 minutes AND the kids loved it.

For those who are on the lookout for inspiration to live healthy, MorningStar Farms® is excited to share some innovative ways to create flavorful meatless meal options – without compromising taste.

15 Minute Meal Idea: Mediterranean Chickpea Burger and Farro Salad

Here is the shopping list for this 15 Minute Meal Idea

  • MorningStar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea Burger
  • Your choice of bread/hamburger buns
  • Baby spinach
  • Red onion
  • Sliced cheese
  • Dressing of your choice*

*Recipe for my homemade ranch dressing here.

15 Minute Meal Idea: Mediterranean Chickpea Burger and Farro Salad

Make a side salad of farro and vegetables! Find that recipe in this post.

mediterranean-chickpea-burgerWhether it's hosting a party or cooking dinner for the family, MorningStar Farms® offers a fresh and versatile take on eating well with more than 30 products and 600 recipes that are convenient and delicious.

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