30 Healthy Coffee Recipes

Coffee has been around for a long time and blamed for many things that can go wrong in your body. But new research shows that coffee can actually be healthy! Here are 30 Healthy Coffee Recipes to get your coffee fix and not feel bad since they are healthy drink recipes!

30 healthy coffee recipes

Recently, some studies have found a connection between coffee and decreased mortality especially with healthy coffee recipes! Apparently, earlier studies didn’t always take into account that known high-risk behaviors, such as smoking and physical inactivity, tended to be more common among heavy coffee drinkers.

Coffee may actually have health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, and appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression.

I love coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

I love my coffee but always try to stay between one and two cups per day because of how my body reacts to it. But I am happy to note that there are several benefits to drinking coffee, though in moderation – three to four cups per day. For those that stay under this limit, coffee has been linked with longer lifespan.

Here are some more amazing health benefits of coffee:

  • Coffee may help protect against type 2 diabetes
  • Researchers in the U.S. found that a higher coffee and caffeine intake is associated with a significantly lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease
  • Italian researchers found that coffee consumption lowers the risk of liver cancer by about 40%. 
  • Regular consumption of coffee is linked to a reduced risk of primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a rare autoimmune disease of the bile ducts in the liver.
  • Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Harvard School of Public Health, concluded that drinking coffee in moderation protects against heart failure.
  • Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Coffee reduces colorectal cancer risk.
  • Lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduces suicide risk and Depression
  • Coffee can cut post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%
  • Helps curb cirrhosis
  • Reduces gout flareups

Moderate coffee consumption (three to four cups per day) has been linked with longer lifespan.

Of course there are risks to drinking coffee as well…remember everything in moderation! Most of the risks are involved with huge coffee consumption of more than 4 cups a day. That’s a LOT of coffee!

Most of the side effects are minor such as impaired sleep, jittery feeling, and even anxiety, but some less common side effects involve cardiovascular disease in people who drink way more than 4 cups a day as well as esophageal cancer in those who drink their coffee super hot – over 149 degrees!


banana coffee smoothie
Banana Coffee Smoothie
Let’s talk about the ultimate breakfast smoothie. This creamy and rich banana coffee smoothie has it all: banana (sweetness, vitamins, and potassium), coffee (energizing) and my secret touch … peanut butter (extra creaminess).


chocolate coffee protein shake
Low Carb Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake
Is there anything better than an ice-cold protein shake after a hard and hot workout? I don’t think so, especially not if it’s this delicious iced Low-Carb Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake.


iced coffee protein shake
Iced Coffee Protein Shake
Creamy and absolutely delicious, Iced Coffee Protein Shake is perfect breakfast wake-me-up drink! It’s nutrient-packed, satisfying, and super HEALTHY – made with only NATURAL real ingredients. NO store-bought protein powders. NO artificial sweeteners. Completely ADDED SUGAR-FREE.


coffee breakfast smoothie
Coffee Breakfast Smoothie
Coffee Breakfast Smoothie is the creamiest, most delicious HEALTHY breakfast you can imagine. It’s loaded with dark chocolate flavor and powered with superfoods – raw cacao, chia seeds and oats. It’s also refined sugar-free, very nutritious and weight loss friendly. Perfect way to start the day!


coffee breakfast smoothie
Coffee Breakfast Smoothie
Looking for the perfect on-the-go breakfast? This Loaded Coffee Smoothie is a coffee lover’s dream come true. Packed with whole grains, fruit, protein, and (the best part) coffee, it has everything you need to get out the door and fully functioning in just 5 minutes!

middle eastern iced coffee
Middle Eastern Iced Coffee with Homemade Cardamom Vanilla Syrup
This drink is inspired by a coffee on the menu at Cocoa and Cinnamon in my hometown, Durham, NC. It’s made with an easy syrup that’s infused with exotic cardamom and vanilla bean which you pour into your homemade cold brew coffee with a splash of rosewater.


vegan hazelnut mocha coconut latte
Vegan Hazelnut Mocha Coconut Milk Latte
Recreation of one of the new drinks at Starbucks. This one is vegan!


cardamom coffee
Iced Maple Syrup Cardamom Coffee {Gluten-Free, Paleo}
You will love this healthier treat to start your morning off right. Iced Maple Syrup Cardamom Coffee is creamy, slightly sweet and full of flavor. Suitable for Gluten-Free and Paleo diets.


dairy-free mocha latte
Dairy-Free Mocha Latte Recipe
This recipe is so amazing you will feel like you are drinking a high-end latte from a fancy coffee shop…but in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price! It’s easy to make, healthy (paleo, vegan, with NO refined sugar) and out-of-this-world delicious!


healthy coffee creamer
Homemade Healthy Coffee Creamer Recipe
This Paleo and Vegan 4 ingredient recipe is healthier than store-bought creamers!


vegan cookies and cream frappuccino
Cookies and Cream Frappuccino
Move over Starbucks! This frappuccino is gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan! This homemade recipe has all the sweet deliciousness without the cost and is made right in your blender with minimal fuss!


vegan coffee breakfast shake
Vegan Coconut Coffee Breakfast Shake
A satiating and hunger-crushing recipe for the best Vegan Coconut Coffee Breakfast Shake! When you’re rushing out the door, but still need morning fuel to keep you going all day, this gluten-free, healthy high fat, sneaky protein smoothie is just what you need (with a caffeine kick)!


coffee breakfast smoothie
Coffee Breakfast Smoothie
Try this Coffee Breakfast Smoothie as a wholesome and easy way to start your day. This yummy smoothie will get you going with a delicious boost of chocolate flavored coffee, almond milk, and cherries!


bulletproof coffee
Perfect Bulletproof Coffee
Bullet proof coffee is simply MCT oil, Ghee and coffee. It doesn’t sound like much, but the benefits are huge! Lots of energy, fewer hunger pains and weight loss.


more healthy coffee recipes!

1. Matcha Latte
2. Dairy Free Sugar Free Coffee Smoothie
3. Avacado Coffee
4. Healthy Chocolate Coffee Smoothie
5. Dairy-Free Vanilla Cashew Coffee
6. Bulletproof Coffee
7. Vegan Butter Coffee
8. Iced Coffee With Raw Honey
9. Caramel Frappuccino
10. Espresso Protein Shake
11. Coconut Coffee Smoothie
12. Healthy Mocha Frappuccino
13. High Protein Cappuccino
14. Gut-healing Cinnamon Coconut Latte
15. Bubble Iced Coffee
16. Golden Milk Iced Coffee
17. Instant Skinny Chai Latte
18. Coconut Water Iced Coffee
19. Skinny Chocolate Peanut Butter Frappuccino
20. Iced Vanilla Bean Latte

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