20 Vegetarian Casserole Recipes

You won’t even miss the meat in these cozy, bubbly vegetarian casserole recipes. These healthy recipes are a hearty way to eat more veggies and legumes during your day.

20 Vegetarian Casserole Recipes

20 Vegetarian Casserole Recipes

These amazing vegetarian casseroles are brimming with flavor. They are perfect to feed a crowd on without slaving away at the stove all day.

meatless cheesy taco casserole
1. Easy to make Vegetarian Taco Casserole recipe, this Mexican Casserole takes 30 minutes to bake.

2. This Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole is so easy to put together with black beans, corn, peppers and onions.

3. Zucchini Tomato Casserole is coated with a creamy, cheesy blend and loaded with flavor!

4. Black Bean Quinoa Casserole is comforting and easy to make in an hour with Mexican-inspired flavors.

5. Spinach and Artichoke Pasta Alfredo Casserole is a delicious vegetarian dinner with Spinach, Artichokes and Orzo pasta mixed in Alfredo Sauce.

6. Vegan Sausage Stuffing Casserole is spiced just right and it’s made with cornbread. This dressing recipe can match any stuffing in any test.

7. This Classic and Healthy Wild Rice Casserole is made with mushrooms and onions – it’s easy to make and guaranteed to please a crowd.

8. Cheesy Brown Rice and Greens Casserole is a delicious, hearty, vegetarian casserole with quinoa, barley or lentils and any type of leafy green.

9. This Cheesy Eggplant Bake is a perfect weeknight dinner loaded with fresh eggplant, baby spinach and fire roasted tomatoes.

southwestern lentil casserole
10. Southwestern Lentil and Brown Rice Bake is a cheesy, delicious meatless comfort food that’s is super easy to prepare!

11. This easy zucchini gratin recipe is a baked cheesy zucchini casserole that everyone will lovew ith a delicious creamy brie sauce, cheesy Swiss Gruyere topping, Italian seasoning, and summer zucchini.

12. This Vegetarian Rice & Bean Casserole is an easy and healthy solution for dinner that can be made ahead or frozen.

13. This bean burrito casserole is the perfect weeknight vegetarian freezer meal. Pull the casserole dish out of the freezer and defrost it during the day.

14. This Baked Ziti Recipe requires only 5 ingredients! A little sauce, half the (cooked) ziti, ricotta cheese mixture, a little more sauce, the rest of the ziti, the rest of the sauce, sprinkle shredded cheese.

black bean tortilla casserole

15. Vegetarian Black Bean Enchilada Casserole
I love easy healthy recipes that don’t require more than one pot! This delicious Vegetarian Black Bean Enchilada Casserole is something that I turn to on days that I want to eat something yummy but don’t have the energy to cook. It basically throws itself together and you just have to make sure it doesn’t burn in the oven!

16. You’re not going to believe how delicious a healthy, vegetarian Mexican quinoa casserole can be until you’ve tried it.

macaroni and cheese with broccoli

17. This delicious baked macaroni and cheese with broccoli is a healthy make-over of the classic casserole.

18. Vegan Chickpea Tetrazzini Casserole is a cozy comfort food dish that perfect for dinner in the cooler fall and winter months.

19. This cheesy broccoli and rice casserole has carrots, potatoes, onion, cauliflower and sweet potatoes.

20. You don’t need a lot of meat for a recipe to be filling – give me beans like this easy Easy Vegetarian Enchiladas Recipe any day and I am a happy woman! I like that you can make this recipe with refried beans, red beans or black beans. Add some vegetables and you have a flavorful filling for a healthy recipe!

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