Home Organization Ideas for the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the go-to place in every home, therefore making it the hardest to keep clutter-free. You can make your kitchen a more enjoyable and relaxing room to be in, with these home organization ideas to help declutter your life.

Home organization ideas for kitchen utensils and pots and pans

The kitchen should be a relaxing haven, but the reality is it’s easy to let clutter build up. Keeping it consistently clean and tidy can be a time consuming and often difficult task. Clutter can build up quickly; leaving the room looking messy and disorganized. These home organization ideas are so helpful for keeping the kitchen cleaned up.

Make use of wall space

This tip is for those who have a pretty small kitchen area. When there’s little storage space available, clutter can seem unavoidable. However, you can free up a lot of counter and cabinet space by hanging various items on the walls.

Aprons, pans and cooking utensils can all be hung onto the wall. You could even find shelving which incorporates hooks into its design. With these, you can easily store cooking books, pictures, aprons and dish towels away from the counters.

A quick safety tip here – If you are planning on hanging aprons and dish towels onto the wall, make sure they’re at least a couple of feet away from the stove!

Start with one area at a time

Trying to declutter the entire kitchen can quickly become overwhelming. So, to make it easier, start by sorting out just one area at a time.

You could start with the cabinets, drawers or even the refrigerator. Splitting it down into more manageable tasks can actually help you get it done quicker. You won’t find it as overwhelming and you’ll feel great as you tick off different tasks along the way. You could even spread it out over a few days to make it easier ñ it doesn’t have to be done all at the same time.

Kitchen wall utensil organization

Organize items by frequency of use

It’s really useful to organize items in terms of how frequently they’re used. The things you use on a daily basis, such as cooking utensils for example, should be easy to reach.

  • Store plates and cutlery that you use regularly on lower shelves in a cabinet, moving special occasion dining ware to an upper shelf.
  • You’ll also find it easier to group similar items together. Set storage areas for specific purposes, such as all bakeware is kept in one area and pots and pans are kept in another.
  • Be sure to keep pots and pans as close to the stove as you can; potentially hanging them from the roof or on the wall by the stove.

These are just some of the top home organization tips for the kitchen. Once you’ve made a start and followed the tips above, your kitchen is guaranteed to look a lot less cluttered and a lot more organized.

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Home organization ideas for kitchen

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