3 Tips to Exercise When You Have a Busy Schedule

It’s so easy to forgo exercise when life gets busy, isn’t it? It’s harder to keep exercising and pushing ourselves when we are tired, but it’s worth it to keep from falling into a rut.

3 Tips to Exercise When You Have a Busy Schedule

Fall is right around the corner and one of the first things to go in the chaos is the exercise. With the departure of your exercise comes plenty of excuses. Some of them might seem like valid reasons to “put off” exercising, but the reality is that once you don’t make exercise a priority it is hard to get back into the routine.

While you’re at your busiest it might seem easier to skip a few exercises, but in fact it is actually better if you get them done. Make the time. You will be happy you did, your family will be happy you did, your body will be happy you did and your stress levels will not elevate as much if you continue to exercise.

Here are 3 Tips to Exercise When You Have a Busy Schedule

    1. Get Up Early To Exercise
      One way to make sure you get enough exercise is to get up earlier than normal. If you are already getting up early to get your fitness in this won’t be an issue. If you’re running from the moment you get up until evening this might be the best solution.This works really well for some people and not so good for others. You have a lot on your plate, so make sure you are getting enough sleep as well. Get your clothes, lunches, backpacks and all other essentials for the day ready the night before. You can use that time of gathering to exercise.
    2. Fit in Shorts Burst In Throughout the Day

Now experts are saying that exercising throughout the day is better than one long stretch. People are sitting more than they were before and by getting up throughout the day you’ll what you need.

So instead of taking fifteen minutes to an hour to exercise in one span only take a short five minute break and go walk. If you are by stairs then climb then. You do that a few times and your heart will be pumping and your legs will be feeling it.

  1. Find Ways to Incorporate Exercise Throughout the DayAnother way is to find ways to get it in throughout the day. Some of the easiest ways is to park farther away. Yes it takes a few more minutes to get to where you are going, but your health is important and taking those extra few steps will help you stay healthy.When you’re talking on the phone do a few exercise moves. Nothing too labor intensive because you want to have a conversation without breathing heavily, but even pacing back and forth will help.You could even purchase a standing desk or a purchase under the desk exercise equipment. Take a few minutes and get it done each day.

As you can see there are a few ways to help you continue exercising once your schedule gets busy. You’ll be happy that you did because exercise helps lower stress levels and during busy times that is the first thing that shoots up. Don’t put off exercise because you’re busy.

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