5 Signs You Are Unhealthy

It’s easy to know if you are diagnosed with a disease that you might be unhealthy. But for many of us, we walk around without having a life-threatening disease, but we are still not healthy. Here are 5 Signs You are Unhealthy.

5 signs you are unhealthy

5 Signs You Are Unhealthy

There is a health crisis going on in America and across the world. Many people are obese, have undiagnosed diseases and are not taking care of their bodies. This is resulting in early death, and unhealthy people.

Practicing self-love and self-care is the first way to ups and downs to life will help you relax into the moment more gracefully.

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What are signs of poor health?

Our bodies give us warning signs all the time, many moments throughout the day our bodies speak to us, but we forget to listen to it. Our bodies are smart, when our bodies yell at us that we are not hungry but we still eat or our body say sleep but we stay up past our bedtime, these are cues to start listening to our inner guidance, to regain our help. Here are questions to ask to determine how healthy you are.

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1. How well do you sleep at night?

If you sleep poorly you want to first look at your bed and mattress. Many mattresses are not designed for many years of sleep on them. If you have had your mattress for more than 5 to 8 years it’s time to replace it. Perhaps your poor sleep habits are contributing to your poor health.

2. Do You Feel Lethargic?

Reducing cortisol is one way to get out of the lethargic rut. Cortisol is the stress hormone that will keep you from sleeping well at night if they are high. It’s in charge of helping to control the sleep-wake cycle. Reducing stress by relaxation activities like reading, coloring or walking helps.

3. Do Your Clothes Hurt Your Body?

Many times we gain weight and we don’t often replace our clothes into a larger size. Therefore the clothes dig into your skin. This is especially true for apple and pear shape people if you’re overweight and you are an apple shape, that means you carry most of your weight around the waist and your belly, this can actually contribute to other weight problems because it is not distributed throughout your entire body.

People who are apple shape are at a higher risk for heart disease. This is because most of the weight is around their heart and the mid-level of the body. It’s important to get your health in check by practicing good habits to reduce your weight.

4. Is it Hard To Climb Stairs?

If you feel winded after one or two flights of stairs you could be out of shape. If your fatigue a lot it could be a larger health issues. If you find yourself taking a nap every day or sleeping in all the time, you may find that you are always tired and out of shape.

5. Do You Snore?

If you snore it could be a bigger health issue. People who snore at night not only disrupt the other people around you but it can be an early sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a health disorder that is characterized by obstruction in the airway. This can increase risks of many health diseases including heart failure. Many dentists are actually coming up with new solutions for sleep apnea, although it affects your own sleep patterns it can be handled by addressing issues in your mouth.

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