Is Your House Making You Sick?

Our home is where we spend most of our time, so we want it to be a safe and healthy environment. But there are things that can hinder that. Here are 5 Ways Your House Could Be Making You Sick.

5 ways your house can be making you sick Five Spot Green Living

5 Ways Your House Could Be Making You Sick

Even if you keep a clean home, there may be underlying issues in your house that may be making you sick. The good news is, you can easily remedy most of these problems. Next time you feel as though your home could be making you sick, address these issues to make your home as happy and healthy as possible.

Indoor Air Pollution

Your HVAC system is usually the cause of poor air quality in your home. As your air conditioner cools your home, it often leaves traces of water in the air ducts that could become a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria growth can cause a host of health issues, from allergies to headaches. To ensure your air ducts are free of mold and bacteria, have them professionally cleaned every few years. It is also important to change your furnace filters every few months and have your HVAC system serviced regularly.


While the dust you can easily see inside your home can be an issue, the bigger problem are the dust mites that can cause nose and eye irritation. These tiny bugs live in everyone’s home, but for someone with existing allergies or asthma, they can be a huge nuisance. To rid your home of as many dust mites as possible, be sure to wash your sheets and towels in hot water each week, and vacuum and dust regularly.


Whether you have a leaky faucet or excess humidity in your home, too much moisture can cause a host of problems in your house. To be sure your home doesn’t have any unseen leaks, check all pipes, your basement, and attic to be sure your home is dry. Wet areas should be dried and cleaned with bleach to remove any lingering mold. High humidity can also cause mold in a home. A dehumidifier is a great option for homes with excess humidity, but you can also avoid making your home more humid by running fan vents when showering and opening your home’s windows on dry days.


While an energy efficient home may be good for your budget, it might actually be making you sick. Energy efficient homes are often tightly sealed from the outside to avoid drafts and air loss in places like windows and doors. These tight seals might be doing more harm than good. When your home is sealed from the outside, that means toxins from the air you exhale and the gas emitted from your appliances is continually being recycled throughout your home by your air conditioner or furnace. To reduce the presence of these harmful gasses, open your windows to encourage natural ventilation and make use of fan vents that pull air outside when cooking or showering.

Cleaning Supplies

Sometimes, the items you use to clean your home are the things that are making you sick. To ensure your vacuum is doing its job, purchase one that has a HEPA filter and make sure to clean or replace the filter as directed. Commercial cleaning products can also contain harsh chemicals that may be causing your health issues, like eye irritation, headaches, or breathing problems. Instead, make your own cleaning solutions or purchase green products at the store.

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