A Bullet Journal for Creative Souls

The original idea behind a bullet journal was a simple system to track of tasks, appointments, and random thoughts – an organizational tool. That’s how most people still use it. The simple nature is also a great reason why it can also become a creative outlet.

Bullet Journal for Creative Souls

Bullet Journal for Creative Souls

Many creative people who use a bullet journal also use their notebooks as an art journal. They create beautiful weekly or monthly spreads and play with pretty hand drawn fonts. Doodles take over the margins and images are used to highlight pages. The options are endless!

If you love drawing or practicing handwriting, you can use your bullet journal as a daily creative outlet. Sure you can still track your day, but you also can spend a few minutes adding a little drawing or try out a pretty new font. You don’t need to be a skilled artist to do this – remember it’s your own creation!

Water colors can help you create pretty backgrounds for the pages you will fill up throughout the week. Mementos, pictures, stickers and washi tape can all be used to create pages that are as useful as they are beautiful. There are even products made with bullet journaling in mind.

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Turn your bullet journal into a scrapbook that not only captures what you need to get done, but provides a stunning record of what you’ve accomplished. Your bullet journal will become a way to capture memories for years to come.

How creative you get with your journal is entirely up to you and the mediums you use are almost endless. If you do plan to use things like watercolor paints, different types of pens and markers or heavier materials you’ll want to keep this in mind as you choose your notebook.

Some will not be able to hold up to these other mediums and can lead to a lot of frustration. There are special mixed media notebooks that will allow you a wide range of freedom with the materials you choose.

For inspiration you can find a thriving community of fellow artsy bullet journalers on Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. But be careful as this can also make you feel that your own creations aren’t “good enough.” Don’t feel this way! Your journal is for you to express yourself – let it do just that.

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