Wool Homemade Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

So my sister-in-law and I made quite a few homemade gifts this year and the wool dryer balls are definitely the most useful and least assuming gift! I love them, use them all the time, and will definitely make more!

Wool dryer balls reduce static in your laundry and decrease drying times.

Here’s how to make your own dryer balls.

You will need:

some 100% wool
a crochet hook
an old pair of stockings/ pantyhose
some patience
your favorite essential oil (optional)

Start by crocheting a chain about a foot or two long.  This step isn’t entirely necessary, but it makes the beginning of the winding process less finicky and frustrating.

Starting with your crochet chain and then moving on to the attached wool, wrap the wool around itself to make a little ball.  Wrap it tightly.

Continue wrapping the wool and increasing the ball size until it is about the size of a tennis ball.

To keep the ball from unravelling, push your crochet hook through part of the ball and pull your loose end through the ball.  Repeat two or three times until you are confident the wool is secure.  Cut off the remainder.

Repeat to create desired number of balls.  Three is good.  Six is better.

Now place the balls one at a time into the leg of an old pair of stockings. Tie a knot after each ball.  This will keep the balls from becoming unraveled while you felt them in your washing machine.

Throw the stocking full of dryer balls into your next load of laundry, and then into the dryer when you dry the load.  Repeat two or three more times.  Loads washed in hot will help felting happen faster, but cold will work too.

Carefully cut (or untie) the stockings to release your lovely new dryer balls.  If desired, add a few drops of essential oil to each ball to add a slight bit of fragrance to your clean laundry.

At this point, depending on the wool you’ve used, your dryer balls may just be slightly felted.  This is good enough to keep them from unraveling in the dryer.  They will continue to felt with repeated use.  They will need to be re-scented periodically.

Now all that is left to do is to throw your pretty new wool balls into your dryer every time you dry a load and start saving money on dryer sheets and electricity costs!

Instructions courtesy of The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

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