A Square Foot Planting Guide

If you’re a home gardener who loves producing home-grown herbs and vegetables for the good of your family and you haven’t tried hydroponics on for size yet, it’s high time you did so. Hydroponics allows you the ability to garden in a way that’s more economical, more environmentally sound, and more convenient if you happen to live someplace that doesn’t allow for much gardening space. It’s a gardening method that’s so much simpler, easier, and more foolproof than the alternatives to boot.

Check out this infographic for a wealth of valuable information in regards to the many different vegetables you can grow at home using hydroponic technology. Then visit the hydroponic gardening experts at Atlantis Hydroponics to obtain your first set of high quality, affordable gardening supplies. When you and your family taste the difference in the quality of the vegetables you produce, you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t do it so much sooner!

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