Welcome to Five Spot Green Living!

Hello! My name is Vicki Finn. I am the editor-in-chief of Five Spot Green Living and the creative voice behind this growing green living and natural health and wellness blog. I’ve always been interested in health, natural remedies and clean eating and I love that I get to educate myself as well as others by developing this site!

I am passionate about living life as natural and healthy as possible, but understand it’s not always so easy. With three kids, three equally-disruptive kitties AND 2 big dogs, my days are filled with much excitement, chaos and big life.

Welcome to Five Spot Green Living!

About Five Spot Green Living

Usually up before the sun with the littlest, I like to use this one spot of quiet to brainstorm, research articles and new ideas, and, of course, browse Pinterest. I love that so many people are as excited as I am about Natural Pest Control and healthy recipes for every mama.

Like most work-at-home moms, I spend the day keeping the kids busy, off the tv, fed, at least partially-clothed and try to squeeze in a few hours to get my work done. I am always looking for tips and advice on how to do this better. Being a mom of three really littles is not easy, but thanks to my work I stay sane and challenged.

Five Spot Green Living is designed to educate families about healthy eating, natural health and home remedies while living simple, naturally. This site helps with healthy meal planning, healing with herbs and foods, and life events made simple. If you want to strip the chemicals and preservatives from your life, this is the best place to start.

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For Writers
Five Spot Green Living welcomes contributors as long as the information is within the realm of green living. Anything healthy recipes, natural health, home & garden or family goes and other suggestions are welcome! If you would like to become a contributor here at Five Spot Green Living, please send an email to Five Spot Green Living with your name, website URL with writing examples, and topics you would like to cover. If you have a specific topic, it is preferable, otherwise you can choose from the pool of ideas here at FSGL.

For Brands
If you are a brand that would like to work with me, please send an email to Five Spot Green Living. I love working with brands that are related to my niche and can help my readers live simply naturally. I am very selective about which companies I work with so that I can build a relationship with the brand and give them and my readers everything possible. Five Spot Green Living is a PR Friendly Blog! Email at hello@fivespotgreenliving.com.

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Five Spot Green Living is growing each month thanks to its faithful readers and all the new ones coming along, so your business will get good exposure here. The monthly average of pageviews is 138,000.

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Five Spot Green Living is a PR Friendly Blog!
Email at hello@fivespotgreenliving.com.