Ease Your Anxiety by Decluttering

Do you find you have a hard time sleeping because your house and/or your bedroom is a mess? Here are some tips to ease your anxiety and sleep better by decluttering your home.

Ease Your Anxiety and Sleep Better by Decluttering

Many people don’t realize that having a cluttered home, especially in the bedroom, causes stress which interrupts sleep. It’s easy to clean up your home just to get it back in disarray a day or two later. You can come home from work, school, a friend’s house, a party, or wherever, just to slam your purse, bag, or other items down.

You think nothing about it because it is just one or a few items at the most. However, the accumulation can quickly rise before you know it and then it affects your sleep. Here is how you can ease your clutter anxiety and sleep better.

The Ease at Which Clutter Happens

Clutter happens very easily and very quickly, even if you are someone who keeps a tidy home. A purse on the counter here, and a stack of mail on a table there, and suddenly it can feel a little out of control. You have a busy life and the last thing you want to do every night when you get home from work or dinner is to clean your house. This is often how it happens, but what you might not realize is how it is affecting your health, especially in terms of your sleep.

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How Clutter Affects Your Sleep

The big question is how exactly having a cluttered home can actually affect your sleep. This can happen for a few different reasons.

It increases anxiety. People with anxiety disorder know how easy it is for their anxiety to increase. This can happen a lot when you have disorganization in your home. It makes you anxious seeing messes and just clutter everywhere you look, especially in your bedroom when you are meant to relax.

You keep your eye on whatever is in front of you. This is why if you are having trouble sleeping, decluttering your bedroom should be the first thing you do. Otherwise, when you are relaxing at night, you will be focused on the piles of laundry on the floor, the empty water bottles on your desk, and all the clutter on your dresser or nightstand.

It leads to more stress. Similar to anxiety, having a cluttered home when you are trying to sleep is something that you can’t help but think about. In many cases, this can cause stress shortly before bed, where you lie down and just think about how you are going to fit in cleaning and organizing with everything else you need to do.

Need decluttering tips? Here’s how to declutter your life.

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