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Homemade Nutella Babka Bread

Indulgent Homemade Nutella Babka Bread is a buttery-soft brioche filled with nutella, then braided and baked to a beautiful loaf that is perfect for a breakfast. This is one of the easiest bread recipes your family will never see coming!

nutella babka bread recipe

How to Make Nutella Babka Bread

Do you love the chocolate babka bread that is often served at coffee shops? Making it in your own kitchen can be surprisingly easy. This recipe is for a homemade version of this delicious dessert using nutella. It will take you less time to make than it would be to drive down to your favorite bakery!

This nutella babka is made of a rich brioche dough and a rich, smooth and super chocolaty filling, and it always feels homey and comforting. It is a great bread to make at any time of the year but it does remind me most of fall and winter.

This nutella babka combines a light and tender homemade brioche dough, with a rich and scrumptious filling made of ooey gooey nutella. It is a super easy and delicious bread that will be ready in no time!

With just some basic ingredients at home and very little effort on your side, this nutella version will be ready for breakfast. Although babka is usually prepared in a tall cylindrical loaf pan, you can also use bundt cake pan instead like I do with my Natural Banana Bread.

What is Babka?

A babka is a sweet braided bread or cake which originated in the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine. My mom grew up in a Polish neighborhood and often talked about babka when I was a child. It is delicious and decadent and they always had some whenever the family gathered.