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It’s that time of year again! With the weather this summer, it’s a little bit bittersweet. I feel like half the time we hid inside because of the sweltering heat, and the other half we played outside like it was the end of September. It didn’t seem to leave much time for frolicking on the beach, building sandcastles and splashing in the water. But the kids don’t seem to care all that much as long as they are having fun and now they are getting excited about school! The planning has begun.

Sometimes it’s so hard to find the balance between kid-friendly and eco-friendly. Kids are messy. Kids go through lots of bags, containers, cups (and clothes)! It’s such a pain to wash everything all the time, isn’t it? But at the same time, I cringe whenever I can’t find a reusable bag or container and have to use plastic for the kids. I just hate throwing so many bags away all the time and creating unnecessary waste.

The ECOlunchbox Kit is a sensible, back-to-the-basics reaction to the potential health risks associated with standard lunchboxes as well as the shocking amount of waste created by the packaging in typical U.S. lunchboxes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for convenience when it comes to packing lunches and snacks for the kids. That’s why I always reach for my stainless steel sandwich container from ECOLunchbox and stainless steel insulated cup from EcoVessel. They are both built for lots of abuse from little kids who tend to drop things. I like that I don’t have to worry about the containers opening in the lunchbox and creating an epic mess and the simple design makes cleaning them at night a very simple chore.
See ECOLunchbox to purchase your eco-friendly lunchbox today!

Click Here to Buy EcoVessel Stainless SteelAnd while there are plenty of “BPA-free” plastic options out there, I feel more confident in the kid-tough stainless steel. Eco Vessel’s vacuum insulation technology keeps your drinks cold for hours and the silicone drinking spout is removable for easy rinsing and replacements are available. Click here for a more detailed review of Eco Vessel’s awesome products.
See Eco Vessel for Kids and get your kid(s) a stainless steel bottle that will survive their adventures!

Check out the ECOlunchbox Kit and EcoVEssel containers for parents and kids alike. They contain materials that you can feel confident using and sending off with your loved ones day after day. Though you may want to put some labels on those to ensure they return home! Get FREE shipping on all orders from Mabels Labels right now! I’ve used them and my kids love them.

Mabel’s Labels include Allergy Alert Labels for drink containers, lunch containers, lunchboxes, backpacks and more!

In fact, we just found some labels for my oldest while cleaning out some clutter. I am so happy to have these for the start of school and will be ordering some more for my middle child in preschool this year. The labels stick to the stainless steel bottles and withstand countless washings, yet they peel off when you want to remove them, without any residue. They are also great for labeling kids boots and jackets that will likely become the property of younger siblings – you can just switch out the personalized labels!
See Mabel’s Labels to get the Ultimate Back to School Combo!

We can’t forget the most important part of packing for school – the SNACKS! I recently wrote a review of NatureBox snacks in which I talked about why my family loves them so much. From my mother who is undergoing cancer treatment to my toddler, we all enjoy them and love the convenience of knowing we can grab and go without worrying about the ingredients. The best part is they come monthly, or however often you want. You can always cancel after a month or two and then sign up again. NatureBox delivers to your door with freshness dates stamped on the bags, since the snacks are made without ANY preservatives. I LOVE NatureBox and happy I can contribute their snacks to my parents diet – an inexpensive choice considering the nutrition value and convenience!

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