Benefits of Houseplants

Plants make a great housewarming or hostess gift. It often seems to be something people don’t buy for themselves upon moving into a new home. Let the receiver know that adding some living greenery to a home can add color and warm up a space as well as be beneficial to their health.

Having indoor plants can help with migraines and some allergy issues by filtering polluted indoor air. Because plants increase humidity levels and decrease the amount of dust in a room, it can cut down on cold-related illnesses by more than 30%.

Plants can also help keep people awake by using photosynthesis to remove carbon dioxide in the air. By removing that CO2 and adding oxygen, plants can help keep headaches at bay. They also add a feeling of calm and optimism which can help keep stress levels at a minimum.

There are plenty of other health benefits to having houseplants but people have to make sure they know about what it takes to keep those plants alive. If someone unfamiliar with plants they can figure out how to identify a houseplant at They make it easy by having images of the plants as well as information on their care and the types of pests that could damage them.

To help keep plants healthy, they even offer a service to send emails to help remind people when it’s time to water their plants. It also serves as a network for plant lovers to make friends and learn more about the plants they own and find others they may want for their homes. They also offer an area on their site called “Ask Judy” that allows users to attach your own photos and questions so they can get the answers to their plant related questions.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and although I received compensation, I agree with the ideas in this article.

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