Best 5 Veggies for Beginner Gardeners

For some of us it can be hard enough just getting to eat our vegetables but growing them for ourselves is a whole different ball game. Whether it’s a busy schedule that keeps you from being able to devote our full attention to our gardens or simply a curse on every plant you try to grow, it can be hard to get started with growing your own vegetables at home without some good home and gardening tips.

Best 5 Veggies for Beginner Gardeners

Best 5 Veggies for Beginner Gardeners

Here’s a list of the five best vegetables you can start with even if you’re still a newbie gardener:

  1. Carrots
    Being a root vegetable, carrots are safe from the elements so all you have to do is plant the seeds during some cool weather and in a few months (depending on variety) they’re ready to pull up, wash off, and bite right into! If you’re feeling adventurous, try a different kind than your standard orange carrot.

    Did you know you can grow carrots in containers? Check out this awesome post at Empress of Dirt for tips on how to do that.

  2. Peas
    Peas are easy to grow, especially if you have something they can grow on like a trellis or fence, although you can just use a wire support if your yard or garden bed isn’t in an optimal place. Another cool weather veggie, these go great with carrots together in your garden and on your plate in a fresh salad.
  3. Best 5 Veggies for Beginner Gardeners

  4. Pumpkins
    Pumpkins are fairly hardy provided you wait for frost season to be over and they’re great for watching grow from tiny flowers into tasty treats. Perfect for planting when you can plan for them to be ready in the fall for October and November for pumpkin pie, you can cook and eat them tons of different ways or just enjoy a healthy, delicious batch of pumpkin seeds!
  5. Best 5 Veggies for Beginner Gardeners

  6. Herbs
    Herb gardens are easy to put together and can even be grown indoors in windowsill planters if you’ve got limited growing space outdoors. Just pick your favorite herb or spice and you’ll have it ready to pick and put right into your favorite dishes whenever you want to add a dash of fresh flavor to a meal.

    For more info on growing herbs indoors head over to the Container Gardening page!
  7. Best 5 Veggies for Beginner Gardeners

  8. Peppers
    Whether you like them hot or mild, you’re sure to love them colorful and tasty! Peppers grow in close to the same conditions as tomatoes, making them a great choice for new gardeners to sink their teeth into (depending on how hot they are of course!). Nothing says summertime like a cool, refreshing taste of freshly chilled salsa on a hot summer’s day.

    We just planted peppers from seed last weekend. Check out the post about planting a vegetable garden from seed.

  9. Best 5 Veggies for Beginner Gardeners

Even if you feel like your green thumb is more like the touch of death all you might really need is a little practice with some veggies that are a little easier to grow. You’re sure to find your garden bursting with fresh vegetables of all kinds in no time!

What is your favorite thing to grow in the garden?

Photo credits: carrots | peas | peppers | cilantro | pumpkin

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  1. We use a lot of peppers around here so I will try those first and see how I do. I am a beginner and would love the opportunity to go to my back yard for fresh vegetables I grew myself. Thanks for the tips.

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