Best Foods for Skin

There are many foods that can save your skin, leaving it young, glowing and free from acne. The best part is that the these “best foods” include proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and beverages. If you are determined to keep your skin in top shape, it’s fairly easy to consume some of these foods every day at every meal, especially if a healthy diet is already something you follow. Outlined below are some of the best foods for skin!

Best Foods for Skin

Kill the Sugar!

Sugar = insulin, insulin = androgen, androgen = testosterone, testosterone = sebum, sebum = acne. If you want something sweet, make sure you are using fruit or a sugar substitute.

Arugula and Spinach Have a One-Two Punch

These dark, leafy salad greens have both vitamin A and sulfur, two keys to a beautiful skin. Their chlorophyll is also a great detox agent.

Ketchup is a Health Food!

When tomatoes are cooked or processed, they are actually healthier for you. The lycopene, an anticoagulant, is more easily used by your body. Even better than store-bought is homemade ketchup – get recipe here!

Radishes Named Most Beautifying Food!

Radishes have been named by raw food advocates as the most beautifying food. Chalk it up to sulfur, silicon and vitamin C that boost the collagen which strengthens the skin and stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Blueberries, Number One!

Blueberries were named by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture as the top antioxidant active food, as compared to 40 other fruits and vegetables. Check out my grandmother’s blueberry muffin recipe!

Pumpkin and Hemp Seeds Sprinkle Salads with Health!

Containing both zinc and essential fatty acids, they reduce inflammation. Sprinkle on salads, in smoothies or as a snack.

Avodacos, the Super Fruit!

This fruit has plenty of vitamins, but when you combine it with carotenoid-rich foods like carrots, tomatoes or bell peppers, you can absorb up to 5 times more lycopene and beta carotene antioxidants from avocados.

Even a Few Walnuts Help!

Walnuts provide omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to give healthier hair, eyes and bones. It doesn’t take much and they can be eaten plain or in a dessert or on a salad.

Wild Salmon Keeps Sunburn at Bay!

Wild salmon (not the farm-raised kind) is great for the skin. It contains selenium that protects skin against sun. The vitamin D keeps bones and teeth strong, too. Eat cooked or raw in sushi for a great protein.

Drink Enough, but Not Too Much, Water!

When you are thirsty, drink water instead of soft drinks or other high-sugar or highly caffeinated drinks. Don’t overdose! Just because a quart is good for you, doesn’t mean 2 gallons are better. If you wish, put a very thin slice or two of fruit in the water.
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Oysters Good for the Whole Face!

Oysters are a great source of zinc to keep your skin, hair, nails and eyes healthy.

Green Tea Kills Nasty Free Radicals!

Free radicals are the enemy of youth and glowing skin. Take every opportunity to use weapons that take them out. Green tea has lots of polyphenols and catechins that kill free radicals.

Cut Down on Milk!

Unless you are a still growing teenager, pregnant, nursing or calcium-deficient, take care not to drink too much milk. Again, too much milk can cause more free radicals. Substitute yogurt. It has more calcium and is better for your skin.

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