Best Foods To Keep In The Freezer

There are many types of food that are really healthy for you that are naturally grown during the summertime. Even though summer is coming to an end that doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh summertime foods in the fall.

Many nutritionists and experts in the health industry will take foods from the summer and freeze them. According to health experts, these foods are the best foods to have in your freezer. Wouldn’t you rather have these foods at the ready than buy packaged foods for a quick meal?

Whether you are making a fresh breakfast or deciding to eat a healthy dinner, having fresh vegetables in your freezer is a great way to eat healthy. Fresh vegetables on hand won’t stop you and your family from eating healthy.You can freeze your vegetables in smaller bags to keep them fresh when it’s time to juice or make a smoothie you can just put them in to your blender for easy access.

Vegetables are great for your body they include fiber, vitamins and minerals that will help maintain a healthy body.

If you don’t eat bread often, freezing your muffins and bread will actually keep it preserved longer. If you have a gluten intolerance you can use gluten-free bread and freeze it as well. Eating muffins can be easier on your digestion, especially if you freeze them and then warm them up when it’s time to eat them.

Homemade popsicles
Making popsicles out of fresh fruit from a smoothie is a wonderful way to enjoy the summertime food.

You can put kiwi, strawberries and bananas into a blender and then pour them into the mold. You can add a stick for easy Popsicle eating that your entire family will enjoy. You can add some honey or agave syrup to make it more sweet.

Coconut water ice cubes
A great way to enjoy coconut water is to fill ice cube trays with organic coconut water. You can squeeze orange or pineapple juice in there for a little more sweetness. These ice cubes make a great hit at summertime parties.

If you make waffles on a rainy day it’s nice to enjoy them, however you may not eat all of the waffles that you make so you can freeze them.

Acai is a popular food in Central America and many nutritionists recommend it. Acai is a great food to put into the freezer, it is made with berries and you can find it in the packs at your health food store. You can put in the freezer for an easy snack to enjoy any time.

Coconut ice cream
You don not have to feel guilty for eating coconut ice cream. This is powered with lots of good energy and organic flavors. It is a perfect treat anytime of the day and it’s nondairy and it has a low glycemic index.

Dark chocolate
Whether it is pudding, or chocolate bars, dark chocolate in the freezer is a great way to enjoy this decadent treat. Organic dark chocolate is more healthy than milk chocolate so enjoy the benefits of eating such a great treat.

Freezing your food has many benefits, especially when the seasons change, you can ensure you have healthy foods available.

Shannon Kaiser is a wellness writer. When she isn’t cooking she will go to her favorite restaurant in Beaverton to get great fresh food.

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