Get Your Coconut Oil Energy Boost!

Coconut oil has many benefits and it has been used for ages as an energy booster. Coconut Oil Energy Boost is one of the best Natural Home Remedies for fatigue and sluggishness.

coconut oil energy boost

Coconut Oil Energy Boost

Coconut is a tropical fruit, and you cannot deny its importance in the raw, milk, meat, and oily forms. Coconut oil has many benefits, and it has been used for ages as an energy booster. The presence of saturated fats is the main source of energy. 87g of saturated fats are present in 100g of coconut oil, which is 90%.

Extraction of coconut oil

Mature kernels are preferred to extract the oil instead of young ones. The process of extracting oil is very long and hard. Copra is the main part from which oil is extracted. With the help of rotaries, oil is extracted. Mucilage is left behind when oil is filtered. There are two ways of extracting coconut oil.

In older times, this process was very long, time, and energy-consuming. Now it has become easy due to tools and machinery.

In wet milling, water is added to the crushed kernel. A colloidal mill is used for crushing it. Then water is mixed in it. And then it is passed through the expeller.

Industries use this method. Crushed copra is heated from 140°C to 160°C. Then it is passed through a hydraulic press to extract oil. In the end, it is filtered to get clear oil. On keeping oil temperature  93°C to 102°, maximum yield can be obtained during pressing. To remove undesirable odor and colors, it undergoes more processing.

If heat is used, it can alter the essence and odor of oil. But in some methods, oil is extracted without using heat.

Facts of coconut oil:

Here are some energy facts about coconut oil: 

  • 100g of coconut oil contains 890 calories.
  • Carbohydrates, sugar, protein fiber are 0gram in coconut oil.
  • Fats are 13.6g
  • Calories 121.

What happens to the body when you drink coconut oil?

In the 1980s, doctors advised not to take coconut oil due to high levels of fatty acids. And their effects on cardiovascular problems. But it has been observed that people living in tropical areas have fewer cardiovascular problems. They use coconut oil in their meals.

Coconut oil as an energy booster:

Coconut oil has a lot of energy packed in it. It is highly saturated fat containing medium chained triglycerides (MCTs). MCT’s are not stored in the body rather break down and provide a great source of energy. It helps in burning fat, but on the other hand, only 1teaspoon of coconut oil is enough to fulfill the body’s energy needs.

  • Virgin coconut oil is good for cancer patients. Studies show that VCO helps to reduce the side effect of chemotherapy in cancer
  • Tocopherols are antioxidants present in coconut oil. 
  • Lauric acid present in coconut oil has many uses. In the human digestive system, lauric acid is converted into monoglyceride monolaurin, which has amazing qualities. It acts as anti-virus, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal. Monolaurin has abilities to destroy lipid-covered viruses like herpes, HIV. It is also effective against pathological bacteria. 
  • Capric acid in coconut oil exhibits antimicrobial activity.
  • Coconut oil is more easily digestible by the human digestive system than butter and ghee.
  • Calcium and fat absorption from formula milk of babies is easily carried out by coconut oil
  • It protects the liver from damage due to alcohol
  • It helps in balancing body lipids
  • Strengthen the anti-inflammatory response of the body.

In Asian countries, coconut oil is used to nurture dry skin in winters. It not only makes skin smooth but also healthy.

Coconut oil has high energy in it as olive oil. Some practitioners do not prescribe it due to increased fatty content. It is not healthy for cardiac health. But in many cases, it is proved the best source of health for good cardiac activity. You can use it in your meals as many people cook food in coconut oil. It has many other health benefits. 

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