Christmas Activities for Kids

We all want to enjoy the holiday season and make it the best we can for our families. But sometimes we just get busy and forget to take the time to do those special activities that will build memories to hold in our hearts. Here is a list of Christmas Activities for Kids PLUS a Free Printable Calendar so you can schedule your holiday bucket list for this year!

christmas activities for kids

Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

Now that I have little ones who understand and are excited about the holiday season, I really want to plan some fun Christmas activities for kids for them to enjoy! I remember doing some of these as a kid, and other ideas are a bit newer.

Check out these Christmas activities for kids that your family can do together this year!

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

1. Easy Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

These easy popsicle stick Christmas Tree ornaments are simple enough for most kids to make with minimal help (although an adult needs to be in charge of the hot glue) and they are made with inexpensive supplies!

Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

2. Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments

You can make these handmade beaded Christmas ornaments with kids in 20 minutes! You can use candy cane colors, Christmas colors, or anything you want!

Egg Carton Jingle Bell Ornament Craft / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

3. Egg Carton Jingle Bells

Here is an easy craft to do with the kids to use on your Christmas tree! What kid doesn’t love painting? And using recycled materials is such a great way to make a craft. Add a homemade touch to your tree this year with these egg carton jingle bell ornaments!

DIY Scented Christmas Tree Ornaments / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

4. DIY Scented Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love this idea of using ornaments to make the indoors smell nice! These DIY Scented Christmas Tree Ornaments are so stinking cute – I know my kids will love to make them. I would probably try and use one of my essential oils combinations for the holidays!

Quickest Salt Dough Recipe Ever / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

5. Salt Dough Ornaments

Use this amazing salt dough recipe and make ornaments in one afternoon for your Christmas tree! The Quickest Salt Dough Recipe Ever takes less than 3 minutes to bake and then you are ready to paint!

Reindeer Floats Christmas Snack

6. Reindeer Floats Christmas Snack / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

These adorable Reindeer Floats are easy to assemble and would make a fun treat for watching movies with the family, or any of your holiday traditions

7. Cookie Cutter Pizzas

What a fun way to serve pizzas for appetizers or for treats for the kids. Cut the dough with any holiday cookie cutter and top with pizza sauce and your favorite toppings.

Christmas Cookie Decorating Party / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

8. Kids Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

My kids love to make Christmas cookies every year. I made a big batch of butter cookie dough and they have a blast rolling it out, cutting the shapes with the cookie cutters, and then decorating them!

Graham Cracker Cookie Houses / Christmas Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

9. Graham Cracker Houses

Last year we made graham cracker houses using honey graham crackers and homemade buttercream frosting, plus lots of yummy Christmas candies and treats!

homemade potpourri

10. Homemade Potpourri Gifts

Here are some easy recipes for a homemade potpourri gift the kids can help with. Put it all together and add to a clear bag or jar and tie on a printable gift tag.

11. Christmas Tree Fudge Recipe

These fun and easy Christmas Tree fudge treats look and taste amazing! Kids will love helping make this fudge recipe and sharing it with their loved ones or eating it all themselves! The best part is that they make a fun kitchen science project to do with the kids during the holidays to sneak in a little extra learning.

12. Reindeer Cardboard Tube Craft

Here’s a fun Reindeer Cardboard Tube Craft for the kids to make!

Other Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

  • Make homemade gifts
  • Make candy/cookie necklaces and watch The Polar Express
  • Game night
  • Christmas movies from our childhood
  • Shop for each other at the same time
  • Look at the neighborhood holiday lights
  • Make food that grandparents made for holidays

Random Acts of Kindness Activities

I pulled these from an old post I did a few years back about the Joys of Giving and Random Acts of Kindness!

  • Bring in a neighbor’s garbage bins
  • Write a letter to a far-away family member
  • Leave 3 kind notes for your sibling in places they’ll find them
  • Box up 5 toys in good condition for donation
  • Bake cookies and a homemade card to take to a senior center
  • Send thank you cards to the police and fire stations
  • Sort and deliver bags of gently used clothes and shoes for donation today
  • Cash in all your pennies and donate them today (collection jars in stores/charities/animal shelters, etc)
  • Make a card and send it to a friend for no reason
  • Drop off books and magazines to a hospital, nursing home or doctors office
  • Give a compliment to the manager of someone who helps you today
  • Send someone a small gift anonymously
  • Make eye contact and smile at those you encounter today
  • Send a thank you note to someone who has helped you in the past
  • Leave your change in the soda machine, vending machine, parking meter, etc. today for the next person
  • Acknowledge someone who has helped you today, no matter how small the task
  • Tell all your family members how much you appreciate them
  • Bake & deliver holiday cookies to library employees
  • Collect old towels and washcloths and drop off at local animal shelter
  • Make holiday cards and tuck them under the windshields wipers of cars at the store/library/school
  • Buy coffee for stranger at a coffee shop
  • String popcorn and cranberries — and put them outside for the birds
  • Tape change (and a note!) to a vending machine
  • Pay for the order of the car behind you in the drive-through

Free Printable Christmas Activities for Kids Calendar

Christmas Activities for Kids Free Printable Calendar

Click here to download the calendar as a pdf!

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