Custom Reusable Bags from HGM

Want to be part of the change? Get these customized reusable bags to use for your shopping or travel needs. I love Envirosax bags and use them for everything – groceries, beach, toys, books, etc.

Made from nylon.
Bag dimensions (unrolled) 18.7” x 16.5” 47cm x 42cm
Bag dimensions (rolled) 4” x 1.5” 10cm x 4.5cm
Weight capacity 44 lbs 20kg
Bag weight 1.4 oz 40gm

Waterproof backing
Fits over your shoulder
Rolls and snaps to compact form

Change Yourself Reusable Bag

Change Yourself / Change Your World

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Gandhi Be the Change Reusable Bag

Be the Change You Want to See in this World. -Gandhi

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