DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pendant Diffuser

DIY Pendant Diffuser - Detox Your Holidays Homemade Gifts


These diffusers are great for gift-giving as well as soothing and can be made into holiday shapes as well as something for use all year long.

Only use single essential oils or essential oil blends WITHOUT carrier oils. Carrier oils will not evaporate rapidly, and may clog the pores of the clay.

If you want to change the oil on the diffuser, wait until most of the original scent has evaporated (usually 2 or 3 days), then apply the next one.

When applying the essential oil to your pendant, lay it down flat on a table and drip one drop onto the top (front) of the clay.

Make sure the oil is fully absorbed into the terra cotta before using so it won’t stain clothing.

Besides wearing around your neck, you can also hang them on doorknobs, lamps, light fixtures, bedposts…even in your car.

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