Do Wasps Like Basil or Other Herbs?

Are you sick of increased wasps in your house? We never like wasps in our home, but we find it sometimes challenging to get rid of them. There’s no question they dislike peppermint but do wasps like basil? Having an herb garden near your kitchen can be effective wasp repellent when you want to spend time outside.

do wasps like basil

Do Wasps Like Basil?

Using plants that wasps hate is the best option to keep your garden safe from stingy and harmful wasps. There are quite a few plants that can deter wasps from your garden. So, do wasps like basil is the first question. We already know wasps don’t like peppermint from this post.

Many people are interested in knowing about do wasps like basil? So, the precise answer is no. Wasps hate basil. Basil is not only a food resource for humans, but it also works excellently as a wasp repellent. It is only we humans who love the aroma and flavor of basil, not the wasps.

Remember to keep the basil plant in a sunny place for around 7 hours per day to get proper heat for better growth. Stay careful in not overwatering neither insufficient watering to your basil plant. If you want to get a plant that gives this two in one function, choose planning basil in your garden.

What smells do wasps hate?

In this section, we will mention three smells that wasps hate the most. If you want wasps to stay out of your house, you must know the following smells.

  • Clove, lemongrass, and geranium oil mixture

According to Pest Management Science Journal, you can use this mixture to getting rid of wasps effectively. Just mix clove, lemongrass, and geranium oils in balanced proportions and easily spray it in the area where you find wasps the most.

  • Water and soap solution

According to a Pennsylvanian wasp removal expert named Chris Walker, water and soap solution is the easiest and most straightforward way to get rid of wasps. Just mix any soap or mix two tablespoons dishwashing liquid with some water, and spray it near the wasps. Soap interrupts the breathing pores of the wasps, which instantly leads to death.

  • Peppermint oil

Other than the skincare benefits of peppermint oil, it also benefits in repelling wasps. Spray a few drops of peppermint essential oil to irritate and deter wasps from your backyard.

Are there plants that deter wasps?

We all want to remove wasps naturally, but unfortunately don’t know the right way to do this. Few plants deter wasps. These plants are picked after quiet research and will surely repel wasps from your garden, so let us discuss them one by one.


It contains toxic absinthe that is pungent and irritating for wasps and bees. Grow other plants at a bit distance from the wormwood plant. Keep it under good sunlight within drained soil.


Many people like the mint smell, but the opposite is when it comes to bees and wasps. The wasps hate mint plants. If you want efficient removal of wasps, choose mint plant as it multiplies over a big area.


Mosquitoes most hate citronella, but even wasps hate this plant. You may plant them in your room pot in your garden. But keep in mind to provide this plant around six hours of sunlight per day, whether inside the room or out in the backyard.

Hopefully, these plants will surely help you to control the number of wasps spoiling your outdoor moments. In case you have excessive wasps in your house, you can anytime refer to the safety experts for pest control. This way, you can keep your home safe from dangerous or irritating wasps. So, be careful and always take proper steps to limit the wasps before they start limiting your outdoor lawn or garden moments.

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