Do You Have a Clutter Problem?

Do you have a clutter problem? Are you a cluttered person or know someone who is? Do you constantly have piles of things and papers and don’t know how to contain it?

I never learned how to be neat. I just can’t ever seem to find time to go through things and they pile up, literally. Do you need to learn how to declutter your life?

Cluttering, like hoarding, is often a manifestation of deeper psychological issues like anxiety or depression. Cluttering is not the same as hoarding, though some of us exhibit some mild hoarding tendencies.

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In a nutshell, if cluttering is causing you problems at home, work or in your relationships, chances are you could be a clutterer. Some people are simply not as organized as they would like to be. This is not about organization. It is about your physical world manifesting turmoil in your emotional and spiritual life.

Definition of Clutter

1. to fill or litter with things in a disorderly manner:
2. a disorderly heap or assemblage; litter:
3. a state or condition of confusion.

The container companies make it easier for us to keep a mountain of things we don’t like or use. You just have to contain and label everything and your clutter problem is solved. The clutter problem is not resolved; it’s just shifted to a different area of your home.

– Ranka Burzan of The SOS Guide to Organize and Clean Your Home.

Take the Clutter Quiz

This quiz is intended to be purely entertainment. If you think you may have deeper issues with cluttering, hoarding or ADHD, please contact your doctor.

  1. Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking about your clutter?
  2. Have you tried to “clean up” or “organize” yourself repeatedly, with no lasting results?
  3. Are you ashamed to have anyone come to your home?
  4. Do you feel more confused in your home than in the outside world?
  5. Do you find yourself buying more of everything because, “you never know when you will run out?”
  6. Do you have multiple copies of books, software, clothing or any other items because you couldn’t find what you already owned when you needed it?
  7. Has your spouse or partner expressed dismay about the way you live?
  8. Do you flit from one task to another, feeling like you never get anything done?
  9. Do you find that you concentrate better in noisy situations?
  10. Do you find yourself getting distracted easily?
  11. Do you feel like, “What’s the use, it will just get messed up again,” when you begin to declutter?
  12. Do you hold onto broken items because “they might come in handy someday,” or “I’m going to fix them someday?”
  13. Do you hold onto relationships that do not serve you because, “This is the best I can do?”
  14. Do you feel like there will never be enough for you? Do you believe that you do not deserve any better than what you have?
  15. Do you feel more “lack” than prosperity in your life?
  16. Do you find it hard to decide what is worth keeping and what is not?
  17. Do you obsess about saving food? Do you have enough canned goods to feed the neighborhood?
  18. Do you save garbage — fast food boxes and wrappers, obvious trash, things that smell bad etc?

4 or fewer “Yes” answers:
You probably are not a clutterer – unless you feel so overwhelmed that you are paralyzed.

5 or more “Yes” answers:
You may be chronically disorganized: a clutterer. Visit Clutterless Recovery Groups for more information and support.

If you answered “Yes” to 8, 9 an 10:
These are more typical of ADHD tendencies–although many clutterers have some ADHD without being diagnosed with ADHD, it’s worth looking into further. Visit the Attention Deficit Disorder Association website for more information.

If you answered “Yes” to 17 and 18:
These are symptoms of hoarding. Visit the the Compulsive Hoarding Website of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation for more information.

For Simple Clutter issues, this is a great resource!

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Is your nest clutter free? Of course it can’t be called a nest if there’s clutter all around, can it? Have you ever faced a situation when you had to toil for hours just to clear out one room before your guests show up? Many households have clutter all around. Their closets, rooms, attic, basement, living room…all remain messed up round the clock. But it definitely isn’t a very good sight!


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