Does Cedar Oil Repel Wasps?

Are you sick and tired of insects and pests in your house and want to make your surroundings pest-free and looking for some effective Wasp Repellent Tips? Cedar oil is widely used as an anti-inflammatory and an antimicrobial agent but Does Cedar Oil Repel Wasps?

does cedar oil repel wasps

Does Cedar Oil Repel Wasps?

People use cedar oil for wasp repellent because of its rapid action against termites, cockroaches, flying insects, ants and carpet beetles, etc. cedar oil can be used as a food additive, and it has been recognized as safe by food and drug administration, as it is an insecticide, its exposure to humans is also limited. 

Yes, it does repel the wasps, and this repellent property is because of the aroma of phenol and the acids it produces. It has a powerful smell that is refreshing like peppermint to humans, but it plays a repellant role for pests. Also, these acidic compounds are lethal for insects, thus making cedar oil an effective insecticide. 

The fragrance produced by carbolic acid leads to confusion of the insects, thus keeping them away. Some cedar tree species also have plication and abietic acids that add to cedar oil’s insecticidal properties. 

What Bugs Does Cedar Oil Repel? 

Small insects like ants, fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and termites can be kept away with the help of cedar oil. Many people love using cedar oil for wasp repellent purposes. The reason behind this repellent action is the aromatic compounds of the cedar oil. These phenols and acids are toxic for small bugs like moths, ants, and fleas, leading to the repellant properties of it. Also, this phenolic aroma is earthy and pleasant, and it is also useful to keep away mice and rats. 

The acidic and aromatic compounds found in the cedar oil interfere with the natural processes of life in insects leading to their cessation and eventually death of the insect. 

Are wasps attracted to cedar?

Wasps are not attracted to the mighty cedar, unlike other insects like ants and termites. However, the wasps need to ever come near a cedar tree. They do build their nests in cedar if they need to. Therefore, cedarwood is not sufficient enough to stop the wasps from entering your house. It would be best if you had some alternative way to keep the hornets away because their sting is quite harmful and may give rise to an anaphylactic shock. 

How do you mix cedar oil for pest control? 

To keep the pests away, the best use of cedar is in the form of cedar oil; however, it cannot be used in the raw form, and a solution must be prepared.

  • The first step is to dilute the cedar oil by adding water. 
  • Combining it with 98.7% water will be effective against small insects like silverfish, gnats, fleas, and flies. 
  • Add 3.1% cedar oil into 96.9% water and mix to form a solution that will help you get rid of firebrats. 
  • You can also use it in your diffuser but do not forget to dilute it before putting it in the diffuser. 

As we have discussed how cedar oil for wasp repellent purpose is an excellent pesticide and insecticide, we can use it in our daily routine. However, one should not use it in pure form and must dilute it before use. Also, predatory wasps prey on smaller insects leading to a decrease in their population. It is a good factor in pest control. However, wasps are aggressive and dangerous; therefore, one should avoid cedar trees in busy areas. 

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