Does Tea Tree Oil Repel Wasps?

More often than not, we find ourselves struggling to ward off wasps either from our picnics or alfresco meals. But who wants to be laden with chemical sprays? Let’s find out if Tea Tree Oil Repels Wasps for Natural Pest Control.

Does tea tree oil repel wasps

It can be pretty irritating and disturbing to hear the buzzing noise of swarms of insects all over us just when we are about having a nice time with our loved ones in the garden or field.

Regardless of the fact that honeybees are more venomous than paper wasps, we all tend to dislike the latter more than the former.

Our hatred for wasps is age-long as some of us grew up watching our parents and elder ones smashing them from time to time.

Wasps, otherwise known as Vespula vulgaris are one of the many insects that are about going into extinction — due to the harsh treatments meted out on them every day.

However, the shocking fact is; the economic importance of wasps is more favorable to man than unfavorable.

Wasps help in pollination, they feed on insects that cause a lot of diseases, they feed on pests that damage our crops.

Just so you know, some wasps are so closely attached to the life-cycles of the crops they pollinate, that if the wasps were to go extinct, the plants too will vanish. This, in turn, threatens the survival of other organisms that depend on the plants in many ways — consequently, the entire local ecosystem will be negatively affected.

Though the importance of wasps cannot be downplayed, they also sting humans. And sometimes those stings can be quite dangerous (if not life-threatening) — especially to those who have an allergic reaction to them.

That being said, you might be seeking the best ways to eliminate wasps from your property to avoid the risk of being stung.

Sure, there are many strategies to go about that. But if you’re looking for a reliable way to naturally stave off a wide range of insects (including wasps), then the question you’re likely asking is;

Do Wasps like Tea Tree Oil?

No. Tea tree oil remains one of the best ways to repel wasps

You can rub the oil on your skin or apply it to any other place you want wasps to stay away from.

Make a Natural Repellent with Tea Tree Oil

Here are some simple steps to make a spray with tea tree oil;

  • Provide a clean spray bottle and sterilize it further with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with little water. Shake vigorously and spray off the content to clean the container.
  • Pour 3 teaspoon full of tea tree oil into the clean spray-container and add 2 cups of water to it (about 65cl). 
  • Close the container with the sprayer-cap and shake for a few moments. 
  • Now you can spray on the exteriors and surfaces that need antibacterial or antifungal cleaning. 

The tea tree oil and water combination is completely safe for any wettable home surface. 

What Essential Oil Blend Will Keep Wasps Away?

This is another question asked by people who seek natural ways of eliminating wasps.

Lots of essential oils have proven reliable in dealing with insects, bugs, pests:

  1. Clove-Geranium-Lemongrass Oil Combination 

Research released in the Journal of Pest Management Science states that a mixture of clove, geranium, and lemongrass essential oils successfully limited the activities of wasps. 

You can apply these oils by blending a couple of teaspoons of each with water. 

Pour the combination in a spray bottle and spray it on the areas outside your home — under eaves, porch roofs, ledges, crevices, and other areas where wasps like to build nests.

Other essential oils that can repel wasps are:

The reason wasps (and many other insects) tend to be repelled by these essential oils is because there are certain natural smells they really can’t withstand.

What Smells Do Wasps Hate?

Smells like eucalyptus and wormwood repel wasps effectively. Spearmint, peppermint, and other kinds of mint smells are particularly repugnant to wasps. They just can’t stand anything minty.

Other smells that wasps hate are:

  • Thyme and citronella
  • Geranium
  • Lemongrass 
  • Lavender

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