Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

If you are looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day, these fun Earth Day activities for kids help show them a way to respect their plant and remind them to celebrate our planet.

celebrate fun earth day activities for kids

Celebrate with these Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

Every day is Earth Day, but April 22 is the day to remember to respect our planet and remind others. Use these Earth Day activities for kids, printables, and fun hands-on projects to keep kids interested in learning about their world.

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Leaf Printing on a T-Shirt | Live the Old Way
Learn to create an adorable Earth Day memento using nature itself with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Your kids will have a blast collecting leaves and creating their own t-shirt designs, all the while celebrating the Earth.

Recycling Plastic into Art | Right from the Start
Inspired by the Washed Ashore project, this fun art project uses found plastic and origami fish as the base for a beautiful three-dimensional class project. In addition to teaching about pollution and the benefits of recycling, this lesson also helps children learn how to create works of our out of uncommon items.

Newspaper Gift Box | The Homesteading Hippy
Use items you probably have lying around the house to create a beautiful gift box in this tutorial. This project teaches to value of reusing and recycling, in addition to giving your kids the chance to craft an Earth Day gift in the process.

Every Day is Earth Day Printable PacketEvery Day is earth day printable packet

Upcycle a Tote Bag from a T-Shirt | Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom
Give your kid’s old clothes new life by turning them into reusable tote bags. This project is perfect for celebrating Earth Day – not only will you family reuse an unwanted item, but you’ll also be able to replace those plastic bags with these reusable totes next time you’re at the grocery store.

25 Earth Day Movies on Netflix

25 Earth Day Movies on Netflix | Outside the Box Mom
Compliment your craft projects with some educational videos from this amazing list. In addition to informational nonfiction films and educational documentaries, the extensive list also includes some entertaining movies as well.

Teach Your Child About Butterflies | In Our Spare Time
In addition to teaching your children about the importance of reusing and recycling, Earth Day is also a great opportunity for your kids to learn about all aspects of nature. Teach your children about butterflies with this informative post full of information and activities.

Build a DIY Mason Bee House | Turning the Clock Back
Bees are another great critter to investigate on Earth Day. In addition to learning about the importance of saving bees, teach your children how to build an awesome bee house with this great step-by-step guide.

Create Bottle Cap Garden Art | Suburbia Unwrapped
Turning trash into art is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, so what better way to commemorate the day than to make art for your garden. In this post, you’ll learn how to make adorable bottle cap flowers that are sure to add more beauty to your garden.

Earth Day Hand Print Art | The Gingerbread House
Hand print art project are a fun way to celebrate any occasion, especially Earth Day because this fun project lets your kids replicate the earth with their hand prints. Your kids get to have fun getting a little messy with paint, and you get a keepsake to remember the fun they had.

upcycle magazines into paper flowers

Upcycle Old Magazines into Flowers | Organized 31
Another way to reuse something that may otherwise be thrown in the trash, this tutorial will give your kids a chance to create something beautiful and save the planet. Turn your old magazines into cute flowers and display them as decorations for your Earth Day celebration.

Growing Carrots from Tops | Rainy Day Mum
Simple science for kids to show growth from something that is seemingly dead and used up! Kids will enjoy watching the sprouts grow day after day.

Kid Color Pages for Earth Day | Crystal and Comp
These kids coloring pages are great for just any day of the week as we are reminded about doing our part to keep our planet clean.

Earth Day Printable Bookmarks
earth day bookmarks

Earth Day Books for Kids
earth day books for kids

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celebrate earth day with these activities for kids

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