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Earth Day Printable Bookmarks

Use and share these Earth Day printable bookmarks to remember that earth day is everyday at home and with our growing children. While we celebrate April 22 every year as Earth Day, we must use that as a reminder to revisit our green practices at home and out in the world.

Earth Day Printable Bookmarks

These Earth Day printable bookmarks work best when printed on cardstock, but any paper will do. Make sure to print out the free Earth Day printable packet too! It includes games and activities for kids plus a pretty printable for grownups.

Do You Know about the Green Schools Campaign?

Earth Day Network is committed to greening every school in America within a generation. With initiatives that tackle sustainable school foods, develop innovative curriculum, implement green infrastructure solutions, and connect educators around the word, we educate and engage our future leaders, their teachers, and communities.
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Earth Day Printable Bookmarks

Click here to download the Earth Day printable bookmarks!


Get the Everyday is Earth Day Printable Packet

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