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Easy Homemade Bread in the Slow Cooker

Ok I have to admit, being able to mix up the dough and then put it in the slow cooker for 3 hours and have delicious homemade bread for dinner without having to watch it sounds pretty great, does it not? Homemade bread in the slow cooker is a busy moms dream! Find more bread recipes here!

Easy Homemade Bread in the Slow Cooker perfect for hungry kids before dinner!

Homemade Bread in the Slow Cooker

This homemade bread is a bit different because instead of baking it in a bread pan and having it be a traditional rectangle shape, you are actually baking it in a bowl or…wait for it…a coffee can! Yes way! This is so cool that bread can bake this way!

crockpot homemade bread

We didn’t have any coffee cans lying around so I picked up this small 1.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl that is taller than it is wide, so it’s perfect for baking bread in my slow cooker.

Homemade Bread in the Slow Cooker elastic dough before baking

You want to make sure you use something metal and then have a trivet to place underneath it – or some balled up aluminum foil. My son calls it “timmith foil” I have no idea why. Do your kids have funny names for aluminum foil?

Homemade Bread in the Slow Cooker use trivet or aluminum foil on bottom

Yes, you can bake bread in your slow cooker! It avoids a hot kitchen for one thing, and also uses so much less energy than heating up the large oven for just one loaf. Here’s how to make a 12-serving loaf.