Easy Weeknight Dinners Volume 26

Easy Weeknight Dinners Meal Plan Volume 26 is here to make your life easier! You CAN create healthy meal plans with quick and easy weeknight dinners that families love and can afford! Download the free printable weekly meal plan and grocery list to make things easier!

Easy Weeknight Dinners Meal Plan Volume 26

Easy Weeknight Dinners Meal Plan Volume 26

Is it getting warmer where you are? Spring isn’t sure if it wants to show it’s face around here in New England, but I am getting spring fever anyway! Between seeing the sad, yellow grass and the kids activities ramping up, I just want to spend more time outside these days.

This means less time for cooking dinner and having healthy recipes ready for my clan every day. I find if I don’t have something ready by the time dinnertime rolls around, I am way too tired to make something and we end up eating sandwiches or pancakes.

Lately I have been in LOVE with my electric pressure cooker. I used to have a regular pressure cooker that was noisy and sounded scary when it was cooking. But we have a new induction stove and the regular pressure cooker won’t work on it so I had an excuse to upgrade to the easy and fancy electric one!

It’s not easy making sure you have a healthy meal on the table every night, especially when parents and kids are busy. My kids have activities in the evenings that makes it feel darn near impossible! But here, you can both save this Easy Weeknight Dinners Meal Plan and the shopping list as a pdf file to print out to take to the grocery store!

Meal plans are an easy way to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

You are what you eat, So don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

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Easy Weeknight Dinners Meal Plan Volume 26

  1. Refried Beans and Rice Burritos
  2. Instant Pot Black Bean Chicken Bowls
  3. Quick and Easy Shepherds Pie
  4. Vegetable Lasagna without Noodles
  5. Moroccan Stovetop Chicken and Rice

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