Eating Healthy to Prevent Disease

Are You Eating Healthy to Prevent Disease in Your Body?

For many people, disease isn’t something that’s considered until they actually head to the doctor and get a diagnosis. Sometimes, if a disease runs in the family, it’s given more consideration, but most people don’t take a preventative approach to their health care.

Eating Healthy Can Save Your Life

Imagine if you could actually see disease forming within your body. What if you knew when every single cell turned cancerous – or every time your arteries accumulated a little more plaque build-up?

It would be alarming, for sure. But we don’t see it. Some of us prefer to not think about it, but if you want to live a long and healthy life, it’s time you started imagining what’s happening with every bite of food you consume.

Eating Healthy to Prevent Disease

That cupcake you just ate? It sent your blood sugar levels spiraling out of control. Your arteries wound up just a teeny bit thicker because of the fat it was made with.

The cancer cells in your body love the increased sugar because it’s what they thrive on. Your memories will suffer just a bit. And if you’re prone to inflammation, then this type of food choice will ensure a nice flare-up for you shortly.

What can you eat besides that cupcake?

If you had grab a handful of walnuts which are packed with vitamin E, you can offer protection for your heart.Cancer cells, blood sugar and inflammation cannot compete with the elements found in walnuts. It’s known as a superfood because it has powerful benefits. If you’re worried about diabetes or cancer, this is a food you should be consuming daily.

Think about your food before you eat it.

Every time you sit down to eat, look at your plate and figure out if what you’re about to eat – and the way it’s prepared – is going to do harm to your body, or help it thrive at a cellular level that you can’t see with the naked eye. Are you eating healthy or just stuffing your body with insulation?

Sometimes you can make better choices, like baking or broiling instead of frying – or going organic instead of eating foods covered in pesticides. You’re the only person who can steer your health in the right direction, but it forces you to become thoughtful about your choices.

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  1. A really thought-provoking article,,,makes you wander that if you had special sight into your body, what would you be seeing on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing

  2. I really like the point that we usually wait until something happens to make a change in our diet. We’d be so much better off if we ate as though we had every disease or used food as preventative health care. And the thing is, the superfoods are actually quite delicious … a person won’t feel that they are on a “diet” or giving up anything if they substitute the empty calories with nutritionally dense foods. Thanks for a wonderful post!

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