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How many times do you open up the cabinet with all the cups, sippys and water bottles and try to decide which one isn't "so bad"? The leakproof cups always leak just a little bit, the insulated ones don't really do the job, and the stainless water bottles are always so heavy. So of course I wasn't sure what was in store for me when I received Eco Vessel's Reusable Insulated Water Bottle. I was excited to get it for sure, but wondering how it would hold up to a small child's wear and tear.

I am so very happy I had the opportunity to review this Eco Vessel water bottle for my child. He is pretty rough with everything, and this cup stands up to a young boy throwing it around. It also keeps the water very cold - I used ice to see how long it would take it to melt. It kept the ice intact for most of the day, and the bottle itself is not heavy. The mouthpiece is a comfortable rubbery material the flips open. When it is closed, nothing gets out!

Eco Vessel is a Boulder, Colorado-based business dedicated to developing products from safe, sturdy, sustainable materials while offering innovation and practicality. Their products are 100% recyclable and BPA Free. Eco Vessel is community-minded and gives back with Water For People and The Unicef Tap Project.

Check out the designs below and choose from one of these if you win!

Eco Vessel Reusable Water Bottles

Eco Vessel - Water Bottles

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