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How to Use Essential Oils for Pest Control

One of the biggest problems that households encounter is pests. Over-the-counter pest sprays are commonly bought to address pest problems at home. Though these chemicals may be effective, natural pest control is better for your family’s health, pets and the environment. Try these essential oils for pest control and get rid of insects.

essential oils for pest control

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Essential Oils for Pest Control

Safe, Effective and Affordable Natural Pest Control
Considering the health and environmental risks that chemical pest sprays have, more and more people are now opting for natural pest control. Fortunately, depending on the type of pest problem you have, you can conveniently control pest problems by using essential oils. By applying essential oils for pest control, you’ll no longer have to worry about your family, pet and the environment being at risk to harmful chemicals.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are derived from natural sources and they are very accessible. You need not purchase too much, because a few drops of essential oils are all you need to combat pests. The essential oils for pest control you will need will depend on the type of pest you are dealing with. You may need one to five kinds of essential oils, depending on the type of pest and their number.

Essential Oils for Natural Pest Control – Common Insects

These essential oils can be combined to control different type of pests. Once you identify your pest problem and have purchased your oils, you can then prepare your natural pest control spray.

Natural Pest Control Recipes

Here are some recipes you can try making at home to control your pest problem. However, if you are already dealing with a pest infestation, it is wise to consult with a pest control professional. Just be sure to do some research about the company you will be hiring and ask about natural pest control methods they use.

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Get rid of household bugs with essential oils.

What essential oils keep ants away?

You will need an essential oil mixture of peppermint or spearmint, tea tree, patchouli and citronella. Once you have combined these oils, dip cotton balls into the mixture and place them in affected areas. The scent of these oils will keep ants away. Replace the balls after a week with new cotton balls that have been infused with the essential oil mixture.

Which essential oil is best to repel mosquitoes?

Combine peppermint or eucalyptus, citronella and lemongrass into a spray bottle and use as an air freshener. You can also use the mixture with your aromatherapy burner. If you want to use the mixture on your skin, you can combine the mixture with carrier oil, such as Argan Oil or Rosehip Oil, and apply it as a lotion.

What scent do fleas hate?

You can use a home braided or pure cotton collar to dip into the essential oil mixture to get rid of fleas on your pet. You will need a drop each of citronella, thyme, oregano and cedar wood, and 2 drops of lavender. These essential oils must be thoroughly mixed with a tablespoon of grain alcohol before dipping the collar into it to ensure that the mixture is thoroughly absorbed. Then have your pet wear the collar. The collar must be treated with the essential oil mixture once a month.

Some scents household pests do not like

Tea Tree
Tea Tree

If your pest problem persists, then you might be dealing with a severe pest infestation. Consult with a professional before the infestation gets any worse, which can also affect your family’s health.

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Thursday 20th of April 2017

These are awesome advice, we have found moths around our closest and drawer occasionally, so I am very interested in trying either the Cedar wood Oil, Lavender Oil, Hyssop Oil or Peppermint Oil! Very helpful, thanks for sharing this!

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Bound for Style

Wednesday 9th of March 2016

Thanks for sharing this eco-friendly home pest control essential oils post. I learned a lot from this.

Julieane Hernandez

Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

Same! I'm using essential oils as pesticide.. It is much safer to use than any kinds of chemicals. I enjoyed reading this article. Helpful!

Gloria Miranda

Monday 20th of April 2015

I enjoyed reading this article. I don't have any idea before that even an oil can also be use for pest control. Now I know.. Very informative! Thank you for specifying different kinds of oils for different kinds of pest/insects. Thanks for sharing!