Essential Oils for Cluster Headaches

If you often have headaches, it’s worth it to try these Essential Oils for Cluster Headaches. There are a number of medications for managing headaches that are available over the counter though all come with some degree of side effects. It’s advisable to explore natural treatments, like essential oils, when such headaches become quite regular.

essential oils for cluster headaches

What are Cluster Headaches?

Cluster headaches rare and not life-threatening headaches with characteristic cyclical patterns or periods and described as one of the most painful types of headache. Cluster headache strikes quickly, usually without a warning with an intense pain in or around one eye on one side of your head especially when enjoying a nap.

The cluster periods can appear for weeks or even months altered with remission periods of zero headaches. During remission periods the headaches disappear. Some of the common symptoms of a cluster headache may include, Excruciating pain around one eye, but may radiate to other areas of your face, head and neck,

Restlessness, Stuffy or runny nose on the affected side, Forehead or facial sweating on the affected side, Redness of your eye on the affected side, Pale skin (pallor) or flushing on your face.

essential oils

Effective Essential Oils for Cluster Headaches

An essential oil is a concentrated liquid extract from potentially beneficial plants. These essential oils harbor important phyto-compounds with a set of health benefits that can be used in alternative therapy referred to as Aromatherapy. Over the years, essentials oils have shown to offer more effective headache relief than even prescription drugs. These essential oils include:

lavender oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is derived from lavender flowers. It is effective mood stabilizer, sedative, spasmolytic and analgesic agent used in aromatherapy to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, all of which triggers cluster headaches. Breathing diffused lavender oil can help manage acute headaches reducing pain within 15mins of inhaling it.

a bunch of rosemary

Rosemary Oil

Traditionally this oil has been used to improve blood circulation and in the treatment of headaches. Studies using animal models have demonstrated the effectiveness of this oil as a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory agent. Rosemary may help reduce the pain of your headache and improve your sleep; a common trigger for headaches. This can be applied by massaging the affected area with a few drops of rosemary oil mixed with carrier oil like coconut oil. Breathing in the scent from your skin or in a hot bath can provide pain relief.


Chamomile Oil

Chamomile essential is calming, relaxing, muscle soothing oil that helps you unwind and sleep more easily. It has demonstrated effectiveness in treating anxiety and depression that are headache triggers. Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as a topical relief for your headaches. It can also help treat insomnia, which is a common cause of headaches.


Peppermint Essential Oil 

It is one popular essential oil that has numerous health benefits. Applying and massaging it to your temples and forehead helps to reduce tension headaches. The active ingredient, menthol, may relieve cluster headaches when applied to your temples as a gel. Always remember to dilute peppermint mint with carrier oil before applying. 

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Eucalyptus Oil

This oil has traditionally been used to clear your nose and sinuses. Headaches resulting from a cold or flu, lightly massaging this oil on your chest may help clear those areas and reduce your headache.

Jasmine Oil

Research has shown that Jasmine can help stimulate mood by reducing depression. It helps you remain alert and vigorous and termed as one of the solutions to managing headaches that are not caused by stress or anxiety.

Rose Oil

Since many headaches are caused by stress, the best essential oils for headaches are often those that encourage deep relaxation. Rose oil can help comfort and soothe the nervous system, and reduce tension in the body that can lead to tension headaches.

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Can Magnesium Help Cluster Headaches?

Magnesium is a natural mineral that helps keep blood pressure stable, promotes heart health, regulates nerve and muscle function, and builds bone, DNA, and protein. A lack of magnesium may also contribute to headaches and migraines. Find out the 11 Warning Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Research on magnesium has found it to be a potentially well-tolerated, safe and inexpensive option for migraine prevention, while it may also be effective as an acute treatment option for headaches including migraines, tension- type headaches and cluster headaches. Numerous studies have also proven that the use of magnesium as a prophylaxis for headache produces great results.

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Essential oils can make great natural remedy for cluster headaches and are without many side effects like many of the over the counter prescriptions.

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