Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

Ready To Have Your Own Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit?

Maybe you’re a long-time user of these powerful oils or you know you are ready to try them for yourself. If so, I highly recommend Young Living and by purchasing through me, you’ll receive:

  • A free e-book to know how to use each oil in the Everyday Oils collection, part of the Premium Starter Kit
  • A roll-on bottle for mixing oils with carrier oils – I like to keep thieves oil and jojoba oil handy for when I feel sick.
  • A keychain travel oils bag
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
  • Help anytime you need it from me and my network of essential oils experts!
  • Save 24% on all essential oils
  • Get access to each month’s special promotions
  • Join Essential Rewards (optional) and earn FREE product!
  • Earn bonuses and commission on anyone you sign up!

Why Young Living?

To be honest, I hadn’t been picky at all these last few years about which oils I buy, until recently when I started to notice that my friends who have the higher quality brands were seeing results while using essential oils for their health and I wasn’t. I started buying ones that were highly recommended and had a good reputation (like Young Living) and noticed a much different scent right away. The cheaper ones have a more chemical smell. EO’s aren’t regulated by the FDA, so there are some that might have additives, chemicals and are diluted.

I personally chose Young Living because of their long-standing reputation as one of the highest quality brands in the world and their built-in network of support and experts to learn how to use them effectively. They own all their farms (all over the world) and use NO pesticides or herbicides and instead use essential oils for pest control! Weeds are pulled by hand. Everything is tested for purity and bottled in their plant in Utah.

Young Living makes it easy for a newbie to get started as they have the most affordable and valuable starter kits. They include all the most common oils that you are most likely to use.

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Get Started with High Quality Essential Oils with this Amazing Premium Starter Kit from Young Living!

You’ll Get 11 of the most popular oils PLUS a diffuser, which retails for about $400, so it’s a HUGE cost savings! Plus I’ll send you a FREE e-Book and reference guide so you’ll know how to use every oil right away! I’ll make sure you get your money’s worth. Here’s what comes in the kit:

The Everyday Oils:

  • Frankincense
  • Joy
  • Purification
  • Lemon
  • Peace & Calming
  • Peppermint
  • Pan Away
  • Valor
  • Lavender
  • Thieves


  • Stress Away
  • A home diffuser (a $96 value. I use mine daily.)
  • Aroma Glide roller fitment (to turn any oil into a roll on)
  • 10 sample packets total of Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Lemon, and Thieves for travel or sharing with family and friends
  • 2 NingXia Red 2-oz. samples (a yummy antioxidant supplement)

Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusing is one of the easiest ways to start using EO’s, and it’s very effective, too! In the Premium Starter Kit, you get this gorgeous diffuser!

What is the difference between diffusing vs. applying topically?

You would diffuse your oils for immune boosting powers, for relaxation, to ease anxiety, or other mental struggles. You’d apply it topically for skin issues, cuts, scrapes, when your sick.

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I Suggest Joining Young Living:

  • as a Wholesale Member (sounds serious but it isn’t – just means you get the discounts, like a Costco or Sam’s membership)
  • or as a Retail Customer via the Young Living website (no discounts available that way, though)

Become a Member and Save 24%!

I highly recommend joining as a Wholesale Member, even if you’re a beginner. That’s because Wholesale Members get access to the Premium Starter Kit and they get an amazing 24% discount off every product that is offered! That’s it. No tricks or gimmicks. To keep your 24% discount past 1 year, you’ll need to purchase $50 worth of product (one time). If you don’t, your account just goes inactive.

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