Father's Day Dinner Ideas

Father’s Day Dinner Ideas

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show Dad how special he really is. Generally men are known as great lovers of hearty meat and potatoes meals. They also love barbecues in the great outdoors. To make Father’s Day a splendid soiree for Dad, plan his special dinner according to his preferences. Begin the meal outdoors with barbecued appetizers like bacon wrapped deep sea scallops, dilled, roasted mini biscuits and an ice cold pitcher of lime mojito or southern-style orange blossom punch. When the dinner bell rings, start the second course with a refreshing, palate cleansing melon sorbet or chilled sweet and sour strawberry, kiwi soup.

Bring on the Steak
For the entree, create a special presentation of crown of filet mignon. Grill the fillet mignon to Dad’s taste. For presentation, make a “crown” of French fried onion rings around the meat and place on an individual serving dish. Design a circle of caramelized miniature potatoes at the edge of the plate. Add color with steamed baby carrots and snow peas in Hollandaise sauce. For dessert, present a traditional favorite like banana splits or chocolate fudge cake with marzipan filling.

Chicken and Rice
Few men can resist the aroma of a chicken roasting in an oven or on a grill. If Dad’s favorite is poultry instead of meat, there are a number of ways to surprise him with chicken, duck, goose or Cornish hen dinners.

  • Start the appetizer course with something simple like grilled shrimp and pineapple kebabs or Brie cheese encased in baked puff pastry. Offer a faux Sangria made from lemonade, Merlot, slices of orange and peach curd.
  • For entrees, choose Dad’s favorite poultry with a new twist: roasted chicken with a wild rice, mushroom and broccoli rabe stuffing and cranberry mango glaze.
  • If duck is Dad’s favorite, serve tea-marinated duck with a plum glaze, accompanied by mushroom garlic rice pilaf and caramelized pearl onion confit.
  • For dessert, serve a light, refreshing strawberry and rhubarb sorbet or vanilla custard with rhubarb compote.

The best way to make Fathers Day dinner for a few is to create individual entrees and courses. Cornish hens are great as individual servings. Try stuffing Cornish hens before baking with prunes, liver and croutons. Serve with green beans and roasted rosemary potatoes. For dessert, offer almond cake accented with vanilla ice cream.

Whatever idea you choose to run with your Dad will be sure to enjoy these delicious dishes. For more information, tips check out Chefs.edu.

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This is a guest post by Mark Lynch. Mark recommends finding more great information on food ideas and cooking tips check out Chefs.edu.

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