Natural Grain-Free Pet Food

Are you looking for an affordable grain-free pet food? These specialty foods that we are finding are so important for our pet’s well-being are normally so expensive. But I’ve found that UNTAMED™ by 4health® is actually very reasonable, especially when you look at all the health benefits!

Feed Your Pet's Hunger with Natural Grain-Free Food from UNTAMED by 4health

Feed Your Pet’s Hunger with UNTAMED Grain-Free Dry Food

I never had any experience with grain-free before Tommy. We found him through a shelter shortly after my parents passed away. He was a welcome addition to our family while I was grieving.

But Tommy came with his own issues. He had very sensitive skin issues and after a few months we noticed he had a patch of skin that was extremely raw. Our vet put him on a special and very expensive diet. It cost about $100 a month just to feed him this special food!

Once I did some research and his skin cleared up, I realized that we may be able to help him without spending a fortune.

That’s why I love UNTAMED cat food! This is premium pet food at an everyday value! This food contains “Novel proteins”, which are ingredients like duck, bison, rabbit, venison and herring. They are all high-quality proteins, but proteins that your pet may never have eaten before. Studies show that some pets can develop food sensitivities by eating the same protein-based foods for long periods of time.

Feed Your Pet's Hunger with Natural Grain-Free Food

Novel proteins basically means “new protein.” New proteins are any proteins that have never been used in your pet’s food before. It also means proteins that are not common in pet foods. For example, your pet food’s primary ingredient may be chicken, beef, lamb or turkey, depending on the brand. These are the typical proteins found in most dog and cat foods.

Cat and dogs are meat eaters, so they need plenty of high-quality protein to stay healthy. Diets without high-quality proteins result in dogs and cats that are overweight, lethargic and prone to intestinal issues. Eliminating proteins that cause food sensitivities and replacing them with “novel proteins” can help you determine what foods have been causing the problems without sacrificing the protein-rich diet your pets crave.

Feed Your Pet's Hunger with Natural Food

Why UNTAMED™ by 4health?

UNTAMED™ by 4health® premium pet food is a new line of grain free pet food specifically formulated to satisfy the primal hunger of cats and dogs.

Recipes for dogs include: Lamb (Limited Ingredient Diet), Trout (Limited Ingredient Diet), Buffalo & Lentil, and Wild Boar & Lentil.

Recipes for cats include: Duck & Lentil and Salmon & Lentil.

UNTAMED™ by 4health contains NO by-product meal!

UNTAMED by 4health cat food4health® UNTAMED™ grain free dog and cat formulas are packed with the rich protein taste pets instinctually crave. All formulas contain a high-quality balance of carbohydrates as well as a blend of omega fatty acids to support a healthy skin and coat and species-specific probiotics to aid in digestion.

Select dog formulas, Lamb and Trout, are Limited Ingredient Diets containing a narrow selection of high-quality ingredients to provide complete nutrition for your dog. Limited Ingredient Diets are ideal for dogs with sensitivities – they minimize those issues while maximizing nutrition and energy

Where do I get UNTAMED?

Find 4health® UNTAMED™ dog food and cat food exclusively at Tractor Supply Co. and

Spend $49 or more on pet food, treats, toys, flea and tick care, and other select pet supplies and receive free standard UPS shipping!

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