Cute Fox Coffee Mugs for Your ME Time

Do you know the importance of self care? Try one of these fox coffee mugs the next time you brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee and sit down with a good book.

Cute fox coffee mugs

Cute Fox Coffee Mugs for Your ME Time

A clever way to enjoy your morning coffee or tea! You need to remember that taking care of yourself is THE biggest responsibility so taking time for a hot drink is super important. What better way to enjoy it than with a fox coffee mug!

fox mug with handwritten sentiment

Fox Folk Mug

This fox folk mug will make you so happy every time you drink from it! Hand sculpted in adorable shapes with cute and playful designs. The best thing about this mug is the little hidden message on the inside rim or somewhere on the outside of the mug: Wherever you are be all there.




Teagas Elegant Pink Cherry Blossom Fox Ceramic Coffee Mug

Simple style with elegant pink cherry blossom fox theme is one of the best gifts for fox lovers.




Fox Ceramic Cup with Hidden Animal Inside

The Land Collection from Creature Cups features animal mugs from the forest and jungle. Made with high-fire ceramic, these cups have humorous, fun creatures in the bottom that are slowly revealed as you drink.




Orange Fox Coffee Mug

Fox shaped mug made with high quality ceramic with large comfortable handle




Animewild Fox Mugtail Mug

Just like forest animals out of a fairytale! Their feathery tails are on matte finished mugs, so Mugtail succeeds in bringing an elegant atmosphere.




Download these cute fox notecards!

Free Printable Fox Note Cards Stationery

What is Self Care?

what is self care

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