Free Printable Fox Note Cards Stationery

I don’t know what it is about foxes but they are so very cute. Here’s some free printable fox note card stationery that you can use at your heart’s content.

Fox Note Cards: Free Printable Woodland Animals Stationery

Fox Note Cards

We first saw the fox in our neighborhood one morning when I was dropping off my kindergartener at the bus. It was still pretty chilly so we had driven down the street to the bus stop and my daughter remarked, “Look at the dog!” I looked up at the house across the street to see a dog standing up against a full bay window in the front and then I saw it. Scrawny, reddish-gray and small, a fox for sure. I had never ever seen one before. Certainly not trotting by on our little residential street where the kids were getting ready to get on the bus!

Just after it trotted past the car, I remembered. Our cat was outside.

Fox Note Cards

Buddy is a tiger cat and a natural hunting cat who loves to sneak outside whenever he gets the chance. We weren’t so concerned with him being outside before except for the (ew) ticks he would get stuck to him during the summer months.

Well, I shouldn’t say we weren’t concerned with him being outside, because we were. We did not want to have an outdoor cat. But what could we do? He is so happy to be outside. But, I digress. Back to the fox.

Once I remembered Buddy was outside, I burned rubber to get back to our house and find him. I spotted our kitty two houses and got out of the car to try to coax him over to me. He would have none of it. As soon as I got close, he ran under the back porch of our neighbor’s house. I sped off once again for something with which to keep the fox away. All I could find in the garage was the mini rake. And when I say mini, I mean it’s child-sized. Did I mention we are not very handy in this house? Also, we live in an association so we do not have to do landscaping and don’t have many garden tools or shovels.

Fox Note Cards
Our adventurous kitty, Buddy.

Off I went with the mini child-sized rake to ward off the mangy fox. And I found him exactly where I was afraid I would – next to the neighbor’s porch eyeing our kitty. I got out of the car and yelled at the fox, which promptly ignored me. I screamed, yelled and shook the tiny rake at it but it didn’t budge. Holy moly, this thing is going to EAT my cat in front of my eyes! Did I tell you my 6 year old was still in the car?! She witnessed everything. Please don’t judge. I was thinking only of saving my cat and didn’t have time to move her from the car.

I sped off again to my house, two doors down, and sprinted inside to get my husband. I yelled at him, in one breath, “FOX! BUDDY! TRAPPED! PORCH! IT’S-GONNA-EAT-HIM-I-NEED-YOUR-HELP!!”

Next thing I knew he was outside in a t-shirt in the near-frigid weather with no shoes on, looking for Buddy with me under the porch. Buddy was gone. So was the fox. There was a rustling in the trees and there was the fox, looking up at our kitty, clinging to the tree by his claws. We yelled and tried to scare the fox with sticks, which did little to get it to leave Buddy alone. My husband resorted to throwing rocks at the fox to get it to leave, while Buddy lowered himself onto a branch so he could rest a bit.

The fox was unrelenting, skulking around the edge of the woods but not actually leaving. It finally did take off and we got Buddy down from the tree. He’s been banned from getting outside since then, often resorting to locking him in the basement while the kids are in and out on nice days. As much as I love him and know he’d be happier outside, I just can’t take the thought of the fox getting another chance at him.

The red fox is the most common and widespread fox species in the world, found throughout most of the United States.

Fox Note Cards Stationery

To that end, I have compiled a set of notecards dedicated to the fox. I have mixed feelings about this animal, especially the one that has inhabited our neighborhood. A few neighbors have also seen him and he seems to be nervous of people, staying away from the neighboring golf course when people are out there. He’s also been spotted rolling on the ground like a young dog.

What do you think? Have you ever seen a fox or have encountered one in person?
Here are some notecards you can download and print out at home or your local print shop!


Fox Note Cards: Free Printable Woodland Animals Stationery

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  1. We have a couple of little red foxes in our neighborhood. I knew they would go after chickens, but I had no idea that cats were considered dinner to a fox! Thanks for teaching me something new today. Those fox cards are so cute, thank you for sharing them. Cheers!

  2. These are adorable. I love foxes. Thanks for sharing at the To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and More Link Party. I pinned this! Hope to have you join again next week!

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