Free Printable Calendar for Fall

Now that school has begun and fall is upon us, it seems everyone’s schedule is filling up. So much so it’s hard to keep track of things. Do you use a calendar to keep track of activities and to-do lists? I like this printable calendar for fall rather than a big bulky yearly calendar. This is a great way to keep track of your healthy recipes.

Printable Calendar and Meal Planner for Fall

I know this year has been very different than normal! Last spring during the coronavirus lockdown so many people were having a tough time cooking or actually wanting to cook, myself included. I think I rotated between rice and pasta constantly! But one thing that kept me fairly sane was having a meal plan so I wasn’t caught off guard every day when it was time to start making dinner. Even if it was just spaghetti night, at least I knew that’s what we were having for dinner. 

Thoughout the summer I used a meal planner to keep track of my no-cook or stovetop meals that are easy to make when the weather is hot.

Check out these amazing easy and healthy meal plans!

healthy meal plans easy weeknight dinners

This calendar is very simple yet festive – a great way to keep track of weekly events. It even has a place for meal planning – always a necessity for busy families!

Scroll down to sign up to download the calendar!

Please let me know if you have any questions or have issues with downloading/printing. Here are a few tips:

  • I highly recommend that you install Adobe Acrobat Reader to access your PDF files. It’s free and completely safe. Click HERE to access. (Make sure to uncheck the boxes for the McAfee products.) These tips should also work with any other PDF reader.
  • Download the entire PDF file to your computer hard drive. It’s a large file so it may take a few minutes.
  • Find the file and open. It should automatically open in your PDF reader.
  • Select “print” from the File command on the top menu bar or click the printer icon.
  • A window should pop up where you can make your print selections.
  • Under “Page Sizing” I recommend selecting the FIT option. 

Sign up here (below) and I’ll send you a link to download your calendar – along with all the other freebies on this site!

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