How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally with Essential Oils

Summertime is great but it’s often when fleas make an appearance. Learn how to get rid of fleas naturally with essential oils without resorting to toxic chemical options.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Summertime brings with it the outbreak of insect infestations. Fleas are awful and they bother everyone from humans to pets! If you’ve ever had fleas you know how gross they are and frustrating to have to handle.

Creating a blend of essential oils that will repel fleas is the best option for natural pest control. There are several essential oils that have been known to repel fleas (and other insects!).

Certain essential oils can be toxic to cats and dogs, while others should not be used around children. If you are using them as a spray to repel fleas in your home around furniture, then some essential oils work better than others as long as you can keep kids and pets away from them. These recipes can help the next time you see a flea or suspect you may have come into contact with a person or animal who may have fleas.

lemongrass for wasp repellent

Lemongrass for Flea Control

Lemongrass essential oil contains insecticidal properties that can repel fleas and other insects. It’s a great choice for different types of use from sprays to candles plus it smells great!

How to use lemongrass essential oil for fleas
Put the oil in a diffuser. The fleas will catch a whiff and stay away. It can be used on animals if diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil, and gently sprayed or massaged into your pet’s skin.

citronella plant in mason jar

Citronella essential oil is a natural insect repellent

Citronella works well in repelling pests and can be used on flea collars. It doesn’t kill the fleas but masks the animal scents that attract the fleas in the first place.

How to use citronella for fleas
Add 2 drops of citronella oil to your pet’s shampoo and use each time you give him or her a bath.

thyme rosemary and lavender
Thyme, rosemary, and lavender.

Rosemary Oil Repels Fleas

Rosemary essential oil can kill and repel many varieties of insects including fleas. However, it is toxic to cats so do not use around them.

How to use rosemary oil against fleas

  1. Make a rosemary essential oil flea collar by adding 3 drops of oil to a teaspoon of vodka. Mix well. Soak a cloth or nylon collar in the solution until absorbed. Let dry until just damp then put it on your pet.
  2. Add a few drops of rosemary to your pet’s shampoo. When used in shampoo, rosemary essential oil can condition your pet’s fur to make it shinier. It also stimulates hair growth while repelling fleas.

geranium oil

Geranium Essential Oil for Fleas

Geranium is a pleasant-scented essential oil that has insect repelling properties against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. This oil comes from a different cultivar of geranium plant than the potted flowers you may be used to seeing by the same name.

Some home improvement stores have begun marketing this type of geranium plant as the “mosquito plant”, but the proper name is actually geranium. It’s safe to use in essential oils form, with cats as well as dogs.

How to use geranium oil for fleas

  1. Make a flea trap to capture fleas. Add 5 to 8 drops geranium essential oil into a shallow pan (a disposable pie pan works well) filled partially with water. Shine some sort of light over the pan to lure the fleas. Empty the water with the fleas every day.
  2. Make a homemade flea repellent. Add slices of lemon to boiled water, letting it sit out overnight. Next day, pour into a spray bottle and add about 8 drops of geranium essential oil. Shake well.

    Spray on your pet, avoiding eyes, nose, mouth and groin area. You can also use geranium spray on his or her bed and any furniture where your pet may rest.

  3. homemade flea spray with lemons

    When I apply essential oils to my dog I like to spray it on her collar area and along her back. I feel more comfortable knowing she has less of a chance ingesting them this way even if they are considered safe for dogs.

    Which brings me to my next topic…


    Which Essential Oils are Dangerous to Use on Pets or Kids?

    Do you know which essential oils are toxic to people or pets? You have to take care to only use safe ingredients when mixing up batches of homemade insect repellent to use on your pets or your little people.

    The following essential oils can be toxic to either dogs or cats:

  • Ylang-ylang
  • Pennyroyal
  • Birch
  • Thyme
  • Pine
  • Cinnamon
  • Wintergreen
  • Tea Tree
  • Citrus

When in doubt about whether or not to include a certain essential oil in a homemade insect repellent recipe for your dog, cat or other pet, do some fact-checking before going ahead with your plan.

Fleas can infest your pet and home very quickly. The good news is, you can Get Rid of Fleas Naturally with essential oils that repel or kill them. These should be used with caution around your pets and small children, though, as some of them can be toxic.

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