2013 Holiday Gift Guide Product Spotlight

Calling All Artisans and Green Businesses!

Happy Green Mama is looking for green, handmade and/or natural-living products for the 2012 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide! These can be from small or larger businesses – they don’t have to be handcrafted, as long as the product is green, handmade and/or all-natural.

This year the gift guide will be it’s own separate entity on the Happy Green Mama website and will not be included in individual blog posts like last year. The entire guide will be readable at once and will have space for advertising.

Each product will be featured with a write up, photo, and relevant links to website, social media, etc. You would need to send a sample of the product(s) with a minimum retail price of $20 in total, which can be comprised of multiple items. Shipping address will be emailed to you after submitting product information.

Gift Guide goes live November 15, 2013. Entries submitted after 10.31.13 are accepted but cannot be guaranteed for inclusion by 11/15/13.

Please fill out this form to be included! Thank you!

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