25 Healthy Dessert Recipes Kids Will Love!

You don’t have to say goodbye to taste and flavor trying to keep your family eating healthy recipes! Here are 25 healthy dessert recipes kids will love and beg you to make again!

healthy desserts kids will love

This Brownie Smoothie Bowl Recipe is right up my alley. Hits that proverbial sweet tooth but also owns the right to be listed in my healthy recipes index. Five Spot Green Living

Raw cacao combined with the superhero benefits of beetroot (antioxidants, minerals, and fiber) provides one deliciously nutritious dessert. Beets and Medjool dates are high in natural sugar (which is why I love using them in desserts), so this Chocolate Date Mousse Parfaitdessert is sweet enough without extra sugar. Just Beet It

The gooiest zucchini brownies ever! You’d never guess these are made a little healthier and made with whole grains (but can also be made with all-purpose or gluten-free flour) or that zucchini and that applesauce takes the place of oil! Texan Erin

This is a great little healthy dessert for the lunch bag! My inspiration for this healthy red velvet cookie recipe came out of my quest to create a healthier version of the red velvet cookie. This Natural Red Velvet cookie incorporates natural ingredients like beets (no red dye), real butter and whole wheat flour. Food Meanderings

This soft healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe is one of those desserts that get me through. It’s a chocolate chip cookie with banana, spinach and pineapple, making them all the more healthy. Food Meanderings

This Oat Bran Blueberry Crumble is filled with all sorts of healthy things, like chia seeds and flax seeds, making you feel good about eating dessert! It’s also vegan and makes a great, healthy after school snack. Sidewalk Shoes

Frozen grapes are deliciously transformed into perfectly simple, amazingly refreshing popsicles. So easy to make! These frozen grape popsicles are absolutely the post-workout snack I crave – daydream about! Two Healthy Kitchens

This crazy-delicious, luxuriously creamy Peanut Butter-Banana Ice Cream has everything going for it! It’s no-churn and ready in just 5 minutes (tops!). Plus, it’s full of nutritious ingredients and absolutely guilt free! Two Healthy Kitchens

Baked Apples are a seriously easy and delicious treat for all the family! The great thing about these is, that they are healthy and that kids can indeed help make them. Life at the Zoo

How to make an easy healthy chocolate mousse without avocados and instead with coconut milk, cocoa and hazelnuts to give a Nutella flavor. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, paleo, keto and sweetened with fruit. Nest and Glow

This chocolate banana ice cream sandwich recipe is the perfect summer treat. Despite the “ice cream” being only bananas, the texture is very reminiscent of real dairy-based ice cream. The soft, nutty chocolate cookies pair perfectly with the creamy banana “ice cream.” Delicious Obsessions

Low Carb cheesecake for one is a sugar-free creamy, decadent, rich recipe. It’s the perfect substitute when dealing with cheesecake cravings. In my case, it happens at least twice a week. Low Carb Spark

Dates are the surprising ingredient that sweeten this overnight caramel chia pudding, and they really do give it a surprising caramel flavor! This decedent chia pudding is thickened with whole chia seeds. The chia seeds absorb liquid in the coconut milk and water and form a pudding texture, without cooking, without eggs, and without dairy! Health Home and Happiness

Looking for a gluten free coconut flour chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s easy and comes out perfectly every time? These are my ultimate standby for when I just need a batch of perfect coconut flour chocolate chip cookies! Salt in My Coffee

I was so pleasantly surprised when I made this Easy Kid Friendly Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip. My kids had no idea it was laden with protein-rich chickpeas and there are NO eggs in this recipe!

Looking for a homemade fudgesicle recipe that calls for real ingredients, and is still easy? Gotcha covered! This is my family’s go-to fudge pops recipe. Salt in My Coffee

What do you get when you mix together some veggies and cacao powder? Well, some rather awesome chocolate cauliflower ice lollies of course. And if you add in some extra melted chocolate and sprinkles, well you get something beyond awesome. I can picture you all looking at the images of these ice lollies and going yes, yes, yes. Recipes from a Pantry

An easy no-bake recipe for peanut butter balls using healthy ingredients like dark chocolate, an unrefined sweetener, and coconut oil to create a delicious and satisfying treat with WAY less sugar than the traditional holiday recipe! It’s also gluten-free and vegan with an easy grain-free option. The Rising Spoon

Make these Raw Cacao Hazelnut Bites with only 4 ingredients: Medjool dates, hazelnuts, raw cacao powder and shredded coconut. Melissa Torio

We love chocolate at our house. Who doesn’t? 😉 I loved those crunchy chocolate bars as a kid, so I had to re-create another old favourite without the dairy and the guilt like these Crunchy Hemp Chocolate Cups. Melissa Torio

This easy chocolate chip peanut butter protein cookies recipe is so chewy! Just 6 ingredients, 1 bowl, and 10 minutes prep for delicious, flourless low carb protein cookies. They’re naturally gluten-free. Wholesome Yum

Healthy homemade fudgsicles won’t break your diet and you can feel good about serving the kids too! Only 3 ingredients! In the Kids Kitchen

Dairy Free Cashew Milk Creamsicles are rich, creamy, and bursting with tropical fruit flavor! An easy, high protein and dairy free dessert. In the Kids Kitchen

These Flourless Chocolate Avocado Brownies have a fun marbled effect and they won’t break your diet either! The Soccer Mom Blog

This fruit salad with yogurt dip is definitely something different without a lot of extra preparation. Try this easy healthy recipe that is kid-friendly without a lot of added sugar! Five Spot Green Living

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  1. What a great list of yummy ideas! As a mom, I love giving my kiddos a special treat now and then, but I especially love it when that treat can be both delicious … and also HEALTHY! That’s a total win! 🙂 Thanks for featuring our Peanut Butter-Banana Ice Cream and our Frozen Grape Popsicles – they’re total faves around our house!

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